Media Day In Full Swing

Texas Tech coach Mike Leach had some interesting things to say as usual as the Big 12 media day started yesterday. Both Khalid Naziruddin and E.J. Whitley joined Coach Leach as the media questioned them about the upcoming Big 12 and Texas Tech season.

As usual, Coach Leach was his amusing self. Like usual, Tech has the nation enthralled in it's quarterback battle. When asked about the quarterback situation, Leach responded with, "I get all this stuff like there is some secret planning and stuff like that. It reminds me, they used to always talk about some secret recipe, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Sanders, he had this recipe for finger-good -- finger-licking-good chicken, and I drove by it one time when I was at the University of Kentucky, and I wanted to know where the vault for the recipe was exactly. Contrary to belief, we don't have a vault. We have a lot of classified things there, but this isn't one of them."

Obviously, the quarterback battle is a hot topic with the Raider nation and media, but there has also been a lot of talk of the possibility of moving the Tech/A&M game to Dallas. In classic Coach Leach style, he responded. "One way or another I am going to be at the game, so they are going to have it regardless. I really haven't spent a great deal of time thinking about it."

Another hot topic has been the non-conference schedule. A lot of fans are disappointed with it, but Coach Leach feels that "The most important thing in non-conference is to win the game, but it's more important -- it goes beyond just winning it. You have to play well." And as many have pointed out before, "We have had some non-conference schedules in the past where we probably won the award for toughest non-conference schedule, which I am not sure that's the one we are chasing. This one I think we have the games at home. I like that, rather than being road warriors in the non-conference, and I'm looking forward to that."

Perhaps one of the lighter moments of the day came when Whitley and Naziruddin were asked about playing for Leach. Whitley replied with, "We do spring drills where Coach Leach stops and thinks of a new play and he will throw it in the middle." Naziruddin echoed Whitley's fond sentiments, "Halftimes are never boring. Halftime it is always something new with Coach Leach and he surprises me every time. I think that's a good thing about it, he gets you going during halftime."

As far as player updates go, Leach was vague, but still answered a few questions. "We would be excited to have Fuller back. We haven't heard anything for sure." In regards to Henderson, Leach said, "I am not allowed to comment on the guy's academic situation. He is out there practicing every day and, yes, we definitely anticipate him playing with us a whole lot this next year." The media also asked about Robert Johnson specifically. "He did some things instinctively. He didn't hesitate. He had good instincts where to go. He is real explosive. I am excited to see where it goes."

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