2003 Spotlight: Justin Sealy

<b>Plano West cornerback</b> talks about his commitment status in an exclusive <b>RaiderInsider.com</b> interview.

*************CB JUSTIN SEALY (5-8, 165, 4.5) **************

Sealy turned in a solid junior campaign last season for Plano West, which failed to make the playoffs, but finished 7-3. He made 23 tackles, forced one fumble and recovered one fumble. He also intercepted one pass.

His stats might not look impressive, but then again opposing quarterbacks rarely challenged Sealy's side of the field.

Thayer's Take: "Justin is a highly talented and well-rounded cornerback. He's very physical on the ball and can recover from mistakes with his quickness. He's got great instincts and a real nose for the football. His athleticism would be a welcomed addition in the Tech secondary."

*****************MARCH 12 UPDATE*******************

JG: What schools are in your top five?

JS: "Right now I would have to say Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Colorado and Georgia Tech."

JG: You mentioned Tech, what's your opinion of the Red Raider football program?

JS: "Texas Tech sounds really cool. I have a friend who was recruited by them and he said it was a great school. I would go if they offered me a scholarship."

JG: What makes Tech so attractive?

JS: "I like everything that I've heard about Coach Leach. I would have no problem playing for him."

JG: Do you prefer to play bump-and-run or zone coverage?

JS: "I love to play bump-and-run. I have good agility and speed, and I feel like I can shut people down."

JG: Who do you compare yourself to as a cornerback?

JS: "Charles Woodson. He's very aggressive and makes big plays just like me."

JG: Where do you want to play in college, and how are you preparing for the transition to NCAA Division I football?

JS: "I definitely see myself playing cornerback in college. I've been hitting the weights a lot to get stronger and I'm working hard to improve my skills as a defender."

JG: Thanks for your time Justin.

JS: "No problem."

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