Westfield Star Still Has Two

Texas Tech is looking to take two Safety commits this season and one of the top prospects is Danny McCray of Westfield. McCray is a physical specimen at 6'2" and 205 pounds. Comparisons can be made in terms of size to current Tech strong safety Dwayne Slay. With a 4.47 forty yard dash, it's no wonder that the Red Raiders want McCray and want him badly.

At the end of the 2005-2006 football season, Texas Tech will graduate its top two safeties, Dwayne Slay and Vincent Meeks. It is absolutely important that Tech lands a great safety prospect. This is where Danny McCray steps in. The star out of Westfield has two favorites, Texas Tech and LSU.

When asked about the departure of the two safeties from Tech and if it meant much, McCray responded, "Yes, it means a whole lot." Obviously, McCray is looking for a place where he can start early. But that's not all McCray is looking for. "Academics is first. Then I want to play somewhere where I can have fun when I play." He still isn't sure about a major, however. "I'll probably go in as basic studies. That could change this year, but I'm not sure yet."

It's not uncommon for a player to have his lists trimmed down this early, but McCray has his down to Texas Tech and LSU. This doesn't mean he wants to commit early. "I still want to look and take both of my visits. I want to wait through the season and see how it goes." Either way, it still bodes well for the Red Raiders to be in the top two.

Is there one school that has a slight edge over another? "No. Both of them are even. They are both great schools with great coaches." With that said, we wanted to find out what it was about each school that drew him to it. Here's what McCray had to say:

Texas Tech: "I like the way the campus looks. I like the setup. I like the academic center for the athletes. The coaches are cool and the players really welcome you in."

LSU: "I got to meet their coaches. Their campus is really nice. I also like how they care about their athletes, not just the football players, but all of their athletes."

Last season McCray registered 96 tackles, 2 interceptions, and one fumble recovery. That same season, Westfield made it to the State Championship Game and lost to Tyler Lee. When asked about how far they'd go this season, McCray replied. "All the way." You gotta love that attitude.

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