Kirkwood Receiver Visiting Tech Sunday

Jeremy Maclin, the Kirkwood, MO receiver, will be heading down to the Hub City Sunday for a visit. Maclin also has a top three. Currently Maclin sits on top of Tech's wide receiver draft board. We caught up with Maclin to see where Tech stood in his top three and how his recruiting was going.

Missouri is not the typical stop for Tech recruiting, however, Jeremy Maclin is the top receiver target for the Red Raiders in the Class of 2006. Maclin, the 4.5 speedster out of Kirkwood Sr. High School, has Tech in his top three. Alongside Tech are Oklahoma and Illinois.

Maclin has Oklahoma out in front, however. "Oklahoma stands out more. They're my leader as of right now." Maclin has already tripped out to Oklahoma and Illinois, so Texas Tech is his last stop. "Yes sir, I'll be visiting Tech on Sunday." With the recent commitment of Adron Tennell to Oklahoma, is Maclin worried? "No, it didn't really change anything."

Rumor has it that Maclin will be committing soon. Maclin responded, "Something like that." Maclin did lay out a commitment timeframe, however. "I want to commit within the next two weeks."

Maclin had this to say about each school:

Oklahoma: "Oklahoma knows how to win."

Texas Tech: "I really like the offense."

Illinois: "I really like the new coaching staff."

All three schools are recruiting Maclin as a wide receiver, although he does have the potential to play both ways. We also asked about the possibility of teammate Mike McNeil's decision influencing Maclin's. "Possibly. Unless I commit first, then it won't."

Maclin has fully qualified.

Raider Power will keep you up to date on Maclin's progress.

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