'Knight: My Story' In Stores Today

Although basketball season is over, Tech coach <b>Bob Knight</b> still has some work left to do.

For six months, the first-year Tech coach guided his team to national recognition and a NCAA Tournament berth. Now, it's Knight's turn to do a little promoting of himself.

And he will be doing plenty of it during the next couple of weeks.

Knight's new autobiography, "Knight: My Story" is in stores today, and Knight will be traveling the country the next three weeks signing and promoting the book co-written by retired Bloomington Herald-Times sports editor Bob Hammel, who is also a close friend of Knight.

"I figured if everyone can write a book or movie about me," Knight said, "then it was my turn to tell the real story. And I'll make it a pretty simple title - Knight: My Story."

The book includes takes from his Ohio youth, his version of the 1985 chair toss and the 1997 incident when Knight allegedly choked Indiana player Neil Reed.

Knight also writes about his many friends, which include Ted Williams and former president George Bush.

Knight's publisher at St. Martin's Press set up tour dates through Barnes & Noble Booksellers' college marketing department and Knight will take part in several book signings.

One of those dates includes a Lubbock signing on April 13 at 5 p.m. in the Tech bookstore.

Bookstore manager Barbara Burrier said she's excited about Knight's visit.

"We are thrilled he chose the Texas Tech bookstore to be with his fans," she said. "There are not many opportunities to see him, except at the games."

Burrier said she anticipates 1,000 of his books to be in stock today by noon. The book costs $24.95.

Burrier said ordering 1,000 books is "a huge number," but she expects to be sold out within the next couple of weeks.

"I think it's a realistic number," she said. "But it is a response to his popularity. It's aggressive, but we know the strong support he gets. I'd rather be too excited than disappoint someone who comes in to buy a book."

Burrier said he will speak and answer questions for 15 minutes and then sign autographs.

The signing in the Hub City will be the last of 14 cities Knight will visit. Dates are subject to change.

Knight is scheduled to sign in New City York today and also visit Washington D.C., Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Knight will also be in Bloomington, Ind., on April 7 where he coached the Indiana Hooisers for 29 years.

"He always talks about his love for basketball," Knight's spokesman Randy Farley said. "But what is tremendous is his work ethic, whether it is his camps or signing his book. He's been here for a year, and he as probably had only a couple of days off."

Knight has also scheduled 11 interviews on national radio and television to promote his book.

Interviews include NBC's "Today Show" on Wednesday, HBO's "On the Record with Bob Costas" on Thursday, the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on April 4 and "Larry King Weekend" on April 6-7. Dates are subject to change.

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