2003 Spotlight: Jarvis Moss

<b>Denton Ryan defensive end</b> talks about his commitment status in an exclusive <b>RaiderInsider.com</b> interview.

***********DE JARVIS MOSS (6-7, 220, 4.48) *************

This talented pass-rusher is cousins with Denton Ryan quarterback James Battle and wide receiver Philip Jones, who have both expressed their interest in Texas Tech.

As a junior, Moss recorded 122 tackles, made 52 tackles for loss and tallied 28 sacks last season.

His pass-rushing dominance played a major role in Denton Ryan's undefeated march to the Class 4A Division I state championship last season.

Thayer's Take: "Jarvis sets himself apart from other defensive ends with his speed and athleticism. He's got a big frame and will be able to add weight without losing his dominating pass-rushing ability. His presence routinely wrecks havoc upon opponent's offensive game plans."

*****************MARCH 29 UPDATE*******************

JG: What schools are you considering?

JM: "Miami, Texas A&M, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Alabama."

JG: Besides playing defensive end, you also play wide receiver, what position do you want to play in college?

JM: "I'll play wherever the coaches need and want me to play, but I would prefer defensive end."

JG: What are your thoughts on Texas Tech's football program?

JM: "It's a real good program. I would definitely consider going there, because they're a team on the rise in the Big 12."

JG:You have expressed your desire to play with your cousins James Battle and Philip Jones in college. Is that realistic?

JM: "If we all got offers from the same school, we would really like to play together. It would be a good situation, because we push each other and it'd also be a lot of fun."

JG: Who do you pattern your game after on the field?

JM: "On defense, I play like New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, but if I'm playing wide receiver then I play a lot like Terrell Owens, because I use my height and quickness to my advantage."

JG: What's something most people don't know about you?

JM: "That once you know me, I'm real cool and down to earth."

JG: Thanks for your time.

JM: "Thank you."

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