Dimitri Lott Talks Commitment Decision

Fort Bend Marshall OL Dimitri Lott pulled the commitment trigger in favor of the Red Raiders, giving Texas Tech their ninth Texas Top 100 commitment.

Report below co-authored by Stacey Dean and Zach Kilborn.

Kid had a mailbox full of official offers claiming over 20 with the most recognizable to him being Baylor, Colorado, Georgia Tech, Kansas State, Indiana, Iowa State, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, off the top of his head.

However, it was somethin' about those Red Raiders he said, outpacing the rest of the pack.

"I just like their team," Lott relayed. "And so I committed. Texas Tech is the school that connected with me the most, so far, and I really like Coach Leach."

The 6-3, 264-pouner said he called Red Raider O-line coach Bill Bedenbaugh.

"He [Bedenbaugh] was happy," said the Greater Houston Area prospect. "He said I was the icing on the cake."

"But, I'm still open," said the senior-to-be, who might be afraid of commitment right now.

Zach Kilborn: "Despite calling himself open, Lott is a solid pickup for the Texas Tech coaching staff in my opinion. Lott has had his decision for a while. And that's telling, see below..."

Asked when his decsion was made, Lott said, "Last weekend. I just talked with my coach about the positives and negatives of the colleges."

Kilborn: "That's why I think he sticks with the Red Raiders."

Dean: "Do not expect Colorado, Georgia Tech, K-State and/or Texas A&M to go away quietly. According to one source, Tech will have to ward off hard-charging assistants who do not want to end their relationship with Lott."

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