Thursday Practice Report

August 18th Practice Report

Practice Conditions:

Hot and breezy today.
Practice seemed quiet, but had a good intensity to it.  There were not a lot of players making noise compared to yesterday.

Individual Drills:

Setencich kept a close eye on all the drills being done at the start of practice.  He was very aware of everything that was going on.
Fred Thwreat is looking faster and quicker on his feet, but we feel he may need additional conditioning.
Keyunta Dawson looked really good during the footwork drills. He executed well and really broke a sweat (not just going through the motions).
As a whole, the D-line's intensity level was very high today.  No one was simply going through the drills; they were each trying to improve.
Setencich seemed to rely heavily on his assistant coaches.  We feel that he has trust in all of his defensive coaches.
O-line wasn't missing any blocking assignments.  They all seem to have the scheme down well.
DBs reacted well to the ball when doing interception drills.  They were quick to the action, and we didn't observe any possible interference calls.

Screen Drills:

Marquis Johnson showed good break-away speed and was two to three yards ahead of DBs on several plays.
Todd Walker, once again, had an impressive day.  He showed some very athletic moves to get to the ball for the reception.
Bristol Olomua got involved on some screen passes.  We believe that this could be a huge asset to the team.
There were numerous wide receiver sweeps to Joel Filani, Marquis Johnson, and Danny Amendola
Coach Leach spoke to the O-line about feeling the pressure of the D-line and told them that if there wasn't a heavy rush they needed to stick with their block.

1-1 Passing Drills:

The DBs were all over the receivers today, causing dropped passes that were catchable.  They stuck with the receivers, making it very difficult to get open.
Robert Johnson made some good down-field blocks after the ball was caught.

Run-Scat Defense Drill:

D-line stuffed O-line at the point of attack.  They still didn't have a great push, but they improved by not getting driven off the ball.
Linebackers plugged holes quickly and made plays in the backfield.  John Saldi was really flying around the field and seemed to be in on every play.  Fletcher Sessions is very quick, and Brock Stratton was just being Brock Stratton, with an overall good performance.
Chris Hudler was really scraping to the ball and made several backfield tackles. 
Ken Scott held up the O-line well, giving linebackers a chance to make the plays.
Calen Shearer (RS/Fr, linebacker) looked good during this drill.  He filled the running lanes very well.

Special Teams:

Before the drill started, Manny Ramirez made two extra point attempts which got a rise out of the team
It seems to us that Alex Trlica and Keith Toogood are both being given the opportunity to win the place kicking job. 
We did not see any field goals attempts over 30 yards, although we have been told they practice in the Jones beforehand
Alex Reyes, as reported before, is still looking good.  He had lots of booming punts today.
It looks to us that Robert Johnson is being given the opportunity to field some punts.  This could really help out Danny if other teams try to kick away from him.


Not much to report on Hodges, he looked sharp.  He hit his receivers in stride, but there was nothing that really stood out. (Maybe we are getting too used to him making the play)
Graham Harrell looked really impressive today, which heats up the quarterback battle.  He made several throws downfield, and only checked to the running backs or the receivers in the flats when his first and second options weren't open.
The coverage downfield seemed to be very tight.  The DBs were all over the receivers without being too physical. 
It appears to us that Brandon Douglas still trying his best to adapt to the offense.
Harrell appeared to get a couple more reps than Hodges today.


Shannon Woods is the listed backup, but Taurance Rawls is very impressive. 
Chris Todd made some nice throws with the second team scout offense.  It appears to us that he is the third quarterback.
Amendola made a really nice move in the flats to gain 15-20 extra yards after the catch.
Rawls took a shovel pass for a 30-40 yard gain.
Marquis Johnson continues to find himself open and is being rewarded with a lot of passes coming his way.
Keyunta Dawson really hustles and pursues the ball until the whistle is blown.  He chased down Taurean Henderson from the opposite side of the field to wrap him up.
John Saldi got big air to deflect a pass at the line of scrimmage.  It made Hodges throw up his hand in dismay because he had underestimated Saldi's leaping ability.
Hudler made a TFL on Henderson.  He really came off the ball quick.
Manuel Ramirez had two pancake blocks during the drill.
On two plays, Harrell held the ball too long and should have thrown the ball away, which resulted in a sack.
Henderson had a good run of 15 yards that was hard earned.  He can really bring the wood when necessary. 
Number 28 (DB not listed in the roster) really covered Hicks well during 11-11. 

Closing words:

McKinner Dixon did not practice today.  Antonio Huffman did practice but was not involved in any contact drills.  Practice had a very serious feel about it today; there wasn't much goofing off and the players seemed to have their collective eye on what needed to be done.  We think that this team is well focused, but relaxed and ready to begin the season.  We had a chance to interview Manny Ramirez after practice.  Click Here to listen.

Red Raiders for Life,
Andrew Swofford
Adam Probst




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