Justin Warren Could Be Sensational

<b>Justin Warren</b> (6-3, 225, 4.6) from Tyler Lee, Texas is one of the top national defensive ends in the country. This kid is a real pleasure to watch play, because he plays hard on every single play. He is an All-American high school player and he will play on Sundays in the future.

I was able to watch Warren play in the annual grudge match with crosstown rival John Tyler and I have got to tell you...I was very impressed with his ability to control the football game.

Since he plays hard on every play, most of the John Tyler offense was geared to go away from him, but it didn't work, because he was always trailing the play and most of the time, he was was still able to make the tackle.

The great asset that separates Justin Warren apart from other defensive ends in the country is that he has a phenomenal work ethic. His desire is to make every single tackle on every set of downs. He simply refuses to be blocked. He may be the best defesive linemen that I have seen play lately. He is certainly more active than any of the All-American linemen in Texas last season.

Several schools have already offered Warren, including Texas Tech, Colorado, Texas A&M and Louisiana State. He has close to 20 offers right now and others are on the way.

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