Stephenson Speaks On White

Midland High School coach <b>Jack Stephenson</b> talks about future Tech walk-on <b>LucQuente White</b> in an exclusive <b></b> interview. <p> <br>


TS: Tell me about LucQuente and his overall game.

Coach Stephenson: "Well, we played him mostly as our two-guard this year, but he did get alot of time at the point guard position as well. 'Q' was our leading scorer, second-leading rebounder and top assist man.

"He's a tremendous shooter. We've got a kid at Oklahoma (Blake Johnston), Arkansas (Charles Tatum), Louisiana-Monroe (Kirby Lemons) and another at Rice (Jay Christian), but 'Q' is probably the best shooter ever to come through Midland High School. In fact, I think he shot 41 or 42 percent from beyond the arc and 82 percent from the free throw line.

"We've obviously had some beautiful players and 'Q' fits right in there with them. He's started for us for almost three years and was an All-District selection during his junior and senior years. He's an athlete, fierce competitor and he's a player, period."

TS: Where does LucQuente need improvement to become a successful Big 12 basketball player?

Coach Stephenson: "Well, that's a tough question particularly for a player like LucQuente. He's pretty sound in all phases of the game. His shooting is terrific, he has superb ball-handling skills and his passing is solid.

"I guess I would have to say his strength needs improvement, because we don't involve it enough in our program. We don't spend a whole lot of time in the weight room, because we spend most of our time teaching the fundamentals of basketball.

So, I would suppose that strength would be his most immediate need. He will get stronger becasue, I was there (Tech) with 'Q' recently and I saw the facilities, which were excellent."

TS: What about LucQuente's defense, particularly his ability to play agressive man-to-man?

Coach Stephenson: "Defensively he's good. LucQuente is quick enough, athletic enough and I'll think he will fit right in with any type of pressure defense that Coach Knight wants to run."

TS: Will LucQuente make an immediate impact next season?

Coach Stephenson: "I would hope so, but I don't know. This is my 40th year to coach and I've had some very, very good players, but to say that he'll walk right in and contribute to Coach Knight's program is questionable.

I would like to think that he could, and I'm sure Coach Knight would as well, but that's tough to do, but everybody would be happy if 'Q' came in and contributed. That would be great, because eventually he will be an impact player."

TS: Describe LucQuente's attitude and personality. Will he fit in under Coach Knight and Tech?

Coach Stephenson: "I remember when Coach Knight came to my office to talk to LucQuente and his mother, and he told him, 'Q,' if you come to Tech to play for me, the first thing you must do is learn to talk.'

'Q' is very, very quiet. He's a great kid and a very good student. His teachers just love him. Tech will fall in love with him. He's got a beautiful smile and he's very charismatic. He doesn't say much, but when he competes on the basketball floor, you see a different person, than you do when he's walking up and down the halls and in the locker room."

TS: Where does LucQuente rank all-time among the players that you've coached?

Coach Stephenson: "I always hate that question. My first year here (Midland High), I coached a 6'9 All-American (Herb Johnson) who played for Nolan (Richardson) at Tulsa and is still playing today in Europe. I mean he was an outstanding basketball player, but I've had many, many others as well.

"When it's all said and done, LucQuente has the potential to fit right in with some of the best players that I've ever coached. He's definitely up there and is a good fit for Coach Knight and Texas Tech.

"LucQuente will fit, because he's going to do whatever Coach Knight asks him to do. I think he will respond well on the court and in the classroom, because he's just that type of kid. The bottom line is that LucQuente will be a tremendous player for Tech."

TS: Thanks coach, we greatly appreciate your time and good luck next year.

Coach Stephenson: No problem, take care.

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