2003 Spotlight: Robbie Heos

<b>Pearland offensive guard</b> talks about his commitment status in an exclusive <b>RaiderInsider.com</b> interview.

***********OG ROBBIE HEOS (6-3, 260, 5.2) *************

This highly coveted guard teamed with center Treavor Rees and anchored the offensive line for Pearland, which reached the Texas Class 5A Division I semifinals last season.

Heos, a National Honor Society member, played his freshmen season at DeSoto High School in suburban St. Louis, Missouri, but moved to Pearland prior to his sophomore year and has started since then.

During Heo's two years at Pearland, which finished 13-1 last season, the Oilers are 21-5. Heos and Rees, both seniors-to-be, are being actively recruited by Texas Tech.

Thayer's Take: "Robbie is a fiery competitor, who understands the importance of blocking angles and positioning. He's got great flexibility and is very quick off the line. He's also versatile enough to play on the defensive line. His presence would make Tech a lot tougher up front."

*****************APRIL 11 UPDATE*******************

CT: Which schools are actively recruiting you?

RH: "A&M, Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Notre Dame, Stanford, Syracuse, Wisconsin, UCLA and LSU."

CT: What schools are you considering?

RH: "I'm still very open, but Clemson and Colorado are early contenders. I'm very accustomed to cold weather. I was born in a cold climate and I like that environment really well."

CT: What do you look for in a school?

RH: "I look at programs based on athletics. Granted, I want to play, but I'm also concerned about academics, especially my major."

CT: What factors will figure into your decision?

RH: "I rely on my mom a lot, but there are other several other factors. I would really consider any scholarship offer."

CT: What are your strengths on the football field?

RH: "Because I have good speed, I pull really well. I find my target, usually linebackers, and take them out of the play. My pass blocking is also a strength. Our quarterback, Noah (Allen), didn't get sacked from my side last year."

CT: Describe Pearland's offensive attack.

RH: "We run more than we pass, but we're still pretty balanced. We pass a lot on third down."

CT: What is your favorite collegiate football conference?

RH: "The Big 12. I'm not going to take the first scholarship I get, but if a Big 12 school offers, I'll defintely go."

CT: What are your interests academically?

RH: "My ultimate goal is to major in bio-chemistry. I want to attend a school with a good bio-chemical or engineering program and then play football. Right now, securing a degree is key."

CT: Thanks for your time tonight and good luck.

RH: "No problem, take care."

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