Player of the Game

Robert Johnson wins the Player of the Game award again

No Red Raider leap, no offensive touchdown, no excessive celebration penalty? There must have been some huge let down out of Tech's newly emerged wider receiver. Not so fast my friends!

Robert Johnson once again showed Red Raider fans why he wanted to stay at Tech. Instead of throwing for 200 yards, he racked up 209 yards on 8 receptions. I would say that's not a bad day at the office.

Even with Hicks back after his one game suspension RoJo didn't let up. Stealing the spotlight from the return of Jarrett Hicks, who had two touchdowns, Robert made his case for the second week that he may be the best junior wide receiver we have on the field. I don't want to jump to any conclusions after just two games, but it would be hard to argue that Robert Johnson isn't the real deal!

Cody Hodges obviously has confidence in all his receivers. It just so happens that more balls seem to be finding their way to #9. If it hits the hands of Johnson you can count on it being caught. Can you say yards-after-catch? Robert can! It seems that the one-time quarterback has moves like a running back. RoJo showed his great athleticism many times Saturday night continually making the first man miss.

Congratulations go out to Robert Johnson on another great game. Eight catches for 209 yards garners him week two's player of the game award. I'm sure he would like to have seen the end-zone a few times, but he was an integral part of the forty-nine first half points. Congrats RoJo, keep up the good work!

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