Indiana State:Offensive Preview

RaiderPower takes a closer look at Texas Tech's offense vs. the Indiana State defense

It may not be a surprise to Red Raider fans that Texas Tech is leading the nation in passing yards and total offense, but the Indiana State Sycamores might be unpleasantly surprised to see just how good Hodges and company really are. In the first two games, the offense has been nothing short of outstanding, assuming they can get seven men on the line of scrimmage. The starters, and even some of the second and third-team, have imposed their will against our opponents thus far. Nearly every play Mike Leach has tried has worked with ease, and it seems like most of the focus has been put on trying not to score too many points in order to be respectful to the opponents.

Despite what the ignorant national media believes about the "classless" Red Raiders, Tech was in fact trying to take it easy the first two games. Every time Hodges reaches around 450 yards, he is immediately pulled from the game along with most of the first-team offense. However, the Red Raiders have so much depth this year that there has not been much of a drop in performance. Against SHSU, all of the starters were out of the game after the first drive of the third quarter. Even with the second and third-team offenses in the game, Leach could have run the Air Raid and easily put triple digits on the scoreboard. Instead, the fourth-quarter offense consisted mainly of running the third-string halfback up the middle three downs in a row. [sarcasm]Sounds like Tech's trying to run up the score to me.[/sarcasm] I'm just curious as to why UT or USC blowing out a sub-par opponent results in talk of how strong their team is, while the Red Raiders are called classless for doing the same thing.

There is no doubt such media criticism will continue after this week's performance, since the Red Raiders are going to have to put some serious effort towards trying not to set too many offensive records. The fact remains that Indiana State is not nearly as talented as Texas Tech, proven by their 0-3 record against teams that most football fans haven't even heard of. Not to be disrespectful of the Sycamores, but rationality suggests that this matchup is almost as close to David and Goliath as it gets. Still, we all know how that one turned out, so you never know. However, Texas Tech should have no problem scoring at will unless the Sycamores can pull off some sort of miracle.

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