Kansas @ Texas Tech: Defensive Preview

What does the Red Raider defense need to do to slow down the Jayhawks?

There has been concern within the Texas Tech community over the conservative defensive schemes that have been used thus far. Although the TTU defense has become more aggressive with their play each week, the coverage has still been relatively soft and the playcalling has been somewhat unimaginative. This simply will not fly against Kansas, as the Jayhawks will take complete control of the clock in order to slow the game down if the Red Raiders allow them to do so. Also, since the running game comprises a large part of the Kansas offense, the clock becomes even more important.

The Kansas Jayhawks are led by their running back tandem of Clark Green and Jon Cornish, who have combined for 364 yards and six touchdowns this season. With their abilities, Tech must find a way to shut them down in order to give their offense a chance to put points on the board. A point of concern in the Texas Tech run defense is last week's loss of starting MLB Brock Stratton to an injury. This will force the Red Raiders to make some changes to try and find the best replacement, as the team may move some players around to different positions to get the more experienced players on the field. This could lead to confusion in the Texas Tech defense, which in turn could lead to Kansas' offense performing better than expected.

All things considered, Kansas is a team that is completely capable of upsetting talented teams. Just look at how many close games they were in last season. The Red Raiders had to come from way behind in last year's game to pull off a win on a 70-yard touchdown run by Taurean Henderson. Also, Kansas nearly pulled off what would have been a huge upset over Texas. The Jayhawks have not forgotten their missed opportunities from last year, and will certainly do their best to finish off opponents when they have chance. Kansas wants revenge for last year's heartbreak, and Texas Tech wants to prove they have what it takes against talented opponents. We'll find out Saturday evening who wants it more.

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