K-State @ Texas Tech: Offensive Preview

RaiderPower.com breaks down the K-State defense and how the Red Raider offense will need to attack it to be successful.

Last weekend, the Red Raiders went to one of the toughest places to play in the nation and came away with a win over the previously undefeated Cornhuskers. That being said, Texas Tech allowed Nebraska to erase a 21-0 halftime lead and go ahead 31-27 late in the game. However, an outstanding effort by the Red Raiders on their final drive got them the game-winning touchdown. It was a great win, but once again, Tech only showed up for one half of the game. The Red Raiders can be excused somewhat because it was a road game and Nebraska was helped out by some questionable calls. Still, if Texas Tech continues this trend, they are going to lose one of the games that they're expected to win easily.

Kansas State could play the spoiler for Tech's season this Saturday if the Red Raiders lose focus. It is highly likely that thoughts of the Tech fans and players will be on the rivalry game against Texas next weekend. Combine that with the Wildcats' solid defense and it becomes a Red Raider recipe for disaster, considering that the Texas Tech offensive line has allowed Big 12 defenders to harass Cody Hodges much more than they should. Thankfully for the Red Raiders, Hodges has handled the pressure brilliantly, especially during the Nebraska game. Cody did not let the rabid Cornhusker pass rush and energized crowd get the better of him, which is no small accomplishment. If he can play with similar composure against the Wildcats, their defense may be in for a long afternoon.

Additionally, Hodges has an ever-increasing myriad of weapons at his disposal. The recent emergence of Joel Filani has made it even tougher for defensive backs to cover Tech's receivers. Ever since Filani's excellent Holiday Bowl performance last year, he has increasingly become more of a part of the Red Raider offense. With Filani, Jarrett Hicks, Robert Johnson, Danny Amendola, and a talented group of backups, defensive coordinators are getting a few more gray hairs. Still, Taurean Henderson is Hodges' go-to-guy when he gets into trouble. Henderson should break the record for career receptions against Kansas State, and is still a gamebreaker in every sense of the word. He deserves to get more touches in both the rushing and receiving aspects of the game.

The Texas Tech offense should be able to put points on the board against KSU, since they have proven themselves by scoring 30+ points against two tough defenses. Perhaps they can try doing so for the entire game this weekend, instead of just one half. Otherwise, K-State could play spoiler for Texas Tech. There is simply no way Tech can continually beat talented teams unless they show up for both halves of their football games. This will be especially true against UT in two weeks, but the team can't worry about that game yet, or else Tech could be in trouble.

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