K-State @ Nebraska: Defensive Preview

What will Vincent Meeks and the Red Raider defense need to do to slow down the Wildcat offense?

The Red Raider defense has been either hot or not the past few games. After a stellar effort against Kansas, the Red Raiders came out hot against Nebraska, holding them scoreless until late in the second half. However, much like Tech's offense, the defense fizzled in the second half. Once again, the opposing teams' run game had success, even though Nebraska is primarily a passing team. This is a point of concern, as Kansas State's tandem of Thomas Clayton and Parrish Fisher can make teams pay if given the chance. It also appears that there has been a QB change for the Tech game this weekend. The impressive play of freshman quarterback Allan Evridge appears to have earned him the starting role for K-State. It remains to be seen whether previous starter Allen Webb's experience will be missed.

However, the Wildcats may have a tough task ahead of them against an improving Tech defense that continually forces turnovers. In five games, the Red Raiders have forced 14 turnovers, ten of which came from fumbles. The Tech defense hits hard and tackles well, but sometimes they take too long to do so. The safeties and corners are forced to make entirely too many tackles because the first lines of defense aren't shutting down the run. This is allowing teams to run the clock and keep the high-powered Texas Tech offense off of the field, which is making the games closer than they perhaps should be.

It is probable that the outcome of this game will come down to the defensive effort put out by the Red Raiders. If they can manage to keep the Wildcats under thirty points, the Red Raiders should be in decent shape, as that seems to be their offense's magic number. Additionally, if they can continue to force turnovers, the Wildcats may not have a chance. The home crowd at Jones SBC Stadium should also be a factor, as more and more Texas Tech fans are showing up to cheer the Red Raiders on to victory.

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