Player of the Game announces who won this weeks Player of the Game award

Congratulations!!! Wait, who won this weeks player of the game? This is too close to call as both Joel Filani and Dwayne Slay each deserve the nod from RaiderPower. Joel came down with 10 catches setting a new Big XII record for most receiving yards in one game with 255, eclipsing Tech's own Donnie Hart (241 yards) against Texas in 1996. Filani was once again Cody's favorite target, and for good reason! Dwayne Slay added more than his nine tackles and two forced fumbles against KSU this past Saturday, in a word…he SCARED Allan Evridge!

To begin with, the offense came a little flat partly due to the early start time. Kansas State brought a great scheme to this game, and it took Cody a little bit to settle down his offense and begin to pick apart the K-State secondary. The biggest contributor to this turnaround of offensive production was Joel Filani. He never stopped on any play, and was straight out the most exciting guy to watch out there when the Red Raiders had the ball, which was a feat due to Cody Hodges getting 643 yards in the air with five touchdowns! Joel was the go to guy, and had several spectacular grabs that still boggle our minds, once going completely horizontal for a reception while being pushed out of bounds. Filani brought the enthusiasm and heart to an offense that needed to be reanimated.

Anyone who sat either in the stands or watching the game on T.V. all went "OHHH!" consecutively when Dwayne laid a bone-jarring hit on K-State's quarterback, Allan Evridge. It was shown over and over again, each replay getting the same reaction, "OHHH!". And the best part is, that wasn't his only knock-you-senseless hit of the day! He brought the wood to everyone that got into his crosshairs, and by the end of the day every K-State player who touched the ball was hearing footsteps of Slay! He made his presence felt, and was once again a tone-setter for the spectacular defensive performance by the Red Raiders!

Congratulations Joel Filani and Dwayne Slay!!! The two of you are RaiderPower's players of the game! Thank you both for electrifying Jones SBC stadium last Saturday, and thank you both for being Red Raiders!

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