2003 Spotlight: Phillip Daugherty

<b>Bridgeport quarterback</b> talks about his commitment status in an exclusive <b>RaiderInsider.com</b> interview.

*********QB PHILLIP DAUGHERTY (6-3, 210, 4.8) **********

This gun-slinging quarterback ranks among the top pure passers in Texas. He's also garnering national recruiting interest for his prolific passing efforts.

As a junior, Daugherty completed 304-of-537 passes for 4,678 yards and 35 TDs last season for Bridgeport, which advanced to the Class 3A Division II state semifinals and finished 9-6.

During his sophomore campaign, he passed for 2,200 yards and 18 TDs. Daugherty also plays third base and occasionally pitches for Bridgeport's baseball team. Last season, he batted .300 with 15 doubles. His fastball has been clocked in the mid-80s.

Thayer's Take: "Phillip is an outstanding quarterback prospect. His arm strength is exceptional and he's got nice footwork. He also reads defenses very well, makes the necessary adjustments and delivers the ball with pinpoint accuracy. His skills are an ideal fit for Tech's offensive attack."

******************APRIL 24 UPDATE********************

TE: What schools are you considering?

PD: "Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona."

TE: Where does Tech rank among those schools?

PD: "Very high. If I had to decide right now, they'd be my top choice."

TE: Have you received any offers yet?

PD: "Not yet, but I will."

TE: Have you ever been to Lubbock?

PD: "No, I've never been, but I've always wanted to go there. I plan on camping at Tech this summer."

TE: What are your thoughts on Coach Leach and Tech?

PD: "I've always followed Tech, because I enjoy watching them play on television."

TE: Will you be a full-qualifier?

PD: "Yes, I'll be a full-qualifier. I just took the ACT for the second time recently and I haven't got the results back yet, but I do have a 4.17 GPA on a five-point scale."

TE: What is your greatest strength on the football field?

PD: "I've got a very strong arm. I simply sit back in the pocket and let it fly."

TE:: Are your skills suited for Tech's high octane passing attack?

PD: "Yes, that's why Tech is so high on my list. I could definitely see myself playing in Coach Leach's system."

TE: Where do you plan to camp this summer?

PD: "I'll obviously camp at Tech, but I also plan to camp at Oklahoma."

TE: How much do you bench and squat?

PD: "I bench 240 (pounds) and squat 365 (pounds)."

TE: What are your thoughts on Tech's football future?

PD: "They're definitely moving up. I really like the program's potential."

TE: When do you want to make your commitment?

PD: "I'd like to wait and make my decision after I've completed my senior season."

TE: How often does Tech contact you?

PD: "They send me letters all the time. I've really been impressed by their interest."

TE: Thanks for your time tonight and good luck this summer.

PD: "Alright, thanks."

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