Monday Press Conference

Head Coach Mike Leach, Khalid Naziruddin, and Cody Hodges talk about Texas and Tech's upcoming game against Baylor


Cody Hodges:

  • Confidence can sometimes be a fragile thing, how do you think this weekend's game affected this team's confidence?

    "As a whole we're really fine, you know, we didn't play well on Saturday.  Obviously we would like to have that opportunity back, but we don't.  We got to get ready this week, and we had a good practice last night and as a team we feel we can still accomplish a lot of things.  We are really focused on that, we have a chance to win four ball games and go 10-1 and obviously we are disappointed about the Texas game and we can't go back and do it again."


  • What is your biggest concern trying to bounce back against Baylor?

    "Nothing really, we just got to avoid distractions.  There were a lot of distractions last week, those were more positive and this week it will be more negative distractions as people are saying we are not a very good football team and people jumping off the bandwagon.  We are 6-1, we are 6-1 for a reason and we are a good football team and as a team we know that.  And we just got to stick together and not worry about outside sources."


  • The fans are kind of disappointed with the play last Saturday, as the starting quarterback how would you say we are going to bounce back?

    "We are going to continue to do what we have done all year.  One game a week.  I can understand why the fans are disappointed, but as a team we are disappointed.  Our job is to play football, and that is what we are going to do and we can't worry about other people.  People want to jump off the bandwagon and that's fine, but as a team we are worried about ourselves.  You are not going to make everybody happy.  You win, people still gripe; you lose, people are still going to gripe.  You can't please everybody."


  • Is this Baylor team better than those of years past?


"Baylor is a good football team.  In years past you could write them off as an easy win, but Coach Morris has really got those guys playing hard.  I am not sure what their record is, but they have won a lot of football games this year.  It is not going to be an easy task.  We are going to have to play a good football game and avoid mistakes that we made last week if we are going to win this game."


·        The season is not over, you still have a lot of things to accomplish how does that loss help you down the road?

I feel like I could have done a better job rallying the guys.  When the score was 10-10 and we got down like 24-10 some of the guys panicked, when we go on the road this week and if we get behind to Baylor I need to do a better job of keeping the offensive guys really focused and not trying to do too much."


Coach Leach

  • How do you bounce back from a loss like this?

    "You just get back to work.  Make the corrections.  The only value that there is to that Texas game is what we can learn from it, then go on and work from there.  That is the biggest thing we need to get out of that.  It is like any game, whether we win or we lose, all that counts is the next day.  You can't do anything about yesterday, all we can worry about is our improvement."


  • Are we going to see more starters on the special teams from now on?

    "I guarantee you will see more starters on special teams."


  • What was the thought process on whether or not you can have those guys play those extra plays?

    "First of all I don't care.  None of that is any worse than what Benny puts them through.  The other thing is that there isn't an offensive play that is more important that special teams and there is not a defensive play that is any more important that special teams.  Unless we want to spot the other guy all kinds of field position we need to do a quality job on special teams."


  • Why is Baylor having more success this year?


     "First of all I think they have good coaches.  I think they play hard, and I think a little bit comes from the standpoint that they start out with a pile of young guys and then I think those guys have gotten older.  I think they have more experience than they have had in the past.  They work with their coaches and they work together and I think they play together better.  I think we are a relatively young team too, I think they are like us; they are older than they were."


  • Do you think that the team tried too hard last Saturday?

    "Yeah, I think that was part of it.  I was concerned about it on the front end, and tried to address it.  I just need to address it more effectively than I did apparently."


  • Do you still feel like you are in the mix as far as the national picture and the Big 12 picture?


 "I don't really pay any attention to that.  I just go out there and try to improve, if I see something I don't like I try to improve it.  There is almost like there is two different worlds; there is a world where, uh because family and relatives, all that, you know; numbers, rankings, uh, this sportscaster said this that sports caster said that and I doubt that you guys really believe what I am about to say, but it really is for the most part true, I don't look at any of it.  I occasionally am handed a story or something that is really good, probably unrealistically so, and I am occasionally handed a story that is really bad, probably unrealistically so, so I get the polarized thing.  I'm clearly not getting a good picture.  It's either ridiculously positive or else it is ridiculously negative so it is not really true, I am somewhere in the middle.  I don't look at it.  I hear about it, and you can't escape it but the thing on it is let's say you lost thirty straight games what are you going to try to do?  Win.  Let's say you won thirty straight games, what are you going to try to do?  Improve and win.  When I was an assistant I looked at it more, out of curiosity I guess.  But the thing of it is I have gotten more and more focused on the task at hand and stuff like that.  As a head coach, quite frankly, answering phone calls absorbs the time I would be directing towards that anyway.  If I were you, I wouldn't believe what I just said either."


·        Do you feel like us T.V. guys are full of bologna? 

"I have always felt that, uh, if you guys knew too much you wouldn't be asking me.  I mean, if I knew what I was talking about I wouldn't ask me anything.  I mean, a guy like me…you are going to ask ME?  That guy he probably knows, yeah that guy doesn't know.  So I am like everybody else, I am just guessing.  So.  Ask me if you want, I will tell you what I think.  But I probably don't know what I am talking about."



  • Did you know where you caught that interception?

    "I knew I caught the ball in the end-zone.  But I saw nothing but green ahead of me so I juked a couple of people and I went ahead, I saw my foot come out and I went back in the end-zone and I thought ‘Wait a minute this might be a safety' so I went back out of the end-zone.  So I jumped out and my foot slipped and I went down then laid there for a second, and just kind of thought about what happened."


  • Will you be playing on more special teams?


"Yeah I will, definitely."


·        What challenges to the playmakers on offense for Baylor present to this defense?

"Baylor always kicks and scratches, they fight to the end.  They have wide receivers and a pretty good quarterback that puts the ball where it needs to be.  I mean, they run wide just like our offense does sometimes so they present a couple of challenges receiving wise."


  • As a starter, what are the challenges to playing both defense and special teams?

    "I think it is a lot of mental type stuff.  Because going through the things that Benny put us through in the summer, nothing beats that.  We have been through the training.  It has a lot of stuff to do with your mental mindset."


Not many questions were asked to Khalid. 

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