2003 Spotlight: Kevin Kolb

<b>Stephenville quarterback</b> talks about his commitment status in an exclusive <b>RaiderInsider.com interview</b>.

*************QB KEVIN KOLB (6-2, 210, 4.6) **************

This heralded signal-caller is the latest in a long line of stellar players at Stephenville, which has produced four NCAA Division I quarterbacks (Cody Ledbetter-New Mexcio State, Kelan Luker-Southern Methodist, Glenn Odell-Houston, Branndon Stewart, Tennessee/Texas A&M) in the last nine years.

As a junior, Kolb, completed 65% of his passes and amassed 2,386 passing yards. He also tossed 22 touchdowns against only four interceptions for Stephenville, which finished 7-4 last season and lost to Fort Worth Dunbar 35-21 in first round playoff action.

During his sophomore season, Kolb only played in two games due to a broken collarbone, but still completed 41-of-76 passes for 495 yards.

Thayer's Take: "Kevin is an impressive talent. He's got tremendous vision and great field presence. He can throw the ball with touch or on a rope if needed. His experience and knowledge of the spread-offense is extensive, which gives him a distinct advantage over other Tech quarterback prospects."

******************APRIL 29 UPDATE********************

TS: Do you have a top five and if so, what's the order?

KK: "My top five in order are Texas Tech, OU, TCU, Colorado, and Oklahoma State."

TS: Have you received any offers yet?

KK: Not yet, but it's obviously very early."

TS: What are your thoughts on Coach Leach and Texas Tech?

KK: "I like their offense a lot, because they throw the ball and spread it out. Their offense gives the quarterback the opportunity to make plays. Plus, Coach (Art) Briles used to coach me, so I like that a lot. Stephenville's got several players at Tech, which is helpful because they've told me all about the school. Overall, I would say my impression of Texas Tech is very positive."

TS: Have you ever been to Lubbock?

KK: "Oh, yeah. It's definitely a college town, which is really nice."

TS: What are your weightroom stats?

KK: "My bench is 305 and my squat is 465."

TS: Will you be a full-qualifier?

KK: "Most definitely. I've taken the ACT, but haven't gotten the results yet. My GPA is 4.45 on a five-point scale."

TS: What is your greatest strength on the football field?

KK: "I've got the ability to make good decisions and my arm strength is excellent."

TS: What skill areas need improvement?

KK: "I'm pretty sound all-around, but I'm working on my speed."

TS: Where are you camping this summer?

KK: "I'll attend Texas Tech, TCU, and the Nike camp."

TS: When do you plan to make your verbal commitment? Will it be as soon as someone offers?

KK: "It won't be as soon as someone offers, but I would like to get it done before the start of next season. I just don't want to have to worry about it during my senior year. But then again, I definitely want to weigh my options and see what happens."

TS: Is it true that you want to play with your teammate John Harrell, who's already verbally committed to Texas Tech?

KK: "Yes, I would definitely love to play with him, but I have to go to the best place for me, which could be with or without John."

TS: What's the outlook for Stephenville next season?

KK: We'll be good, because our offense returns seven starters. On defense we only return two starters, but one of those is Harrell, who's an absolute monster. He'll probably be the number one defensive tackle in the state next year, so we'll be solid."

TS: Have you always been a Texas Tech fan?

KK: "I've always followed Texas Tech, but I've watched them a lot closer the last couple of years because they have improved so much."

TS: Kevin, thanks for your time tonight. Take care and good luck this summer.

KK: "Thanks, have a good one."

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