Player of the Game

Taurean Henderson wins this week's Player of the Game Award

One word, HENDO!!! Congratulations Taurean Henderson, you are this week's RaiderPower Player of the Game! With the Raiders coming off a 52-17 route by the hands of Texas the offense appeared to be struggling during this game. If you are having trouble completing passes, who do you go to? I'll tell you who, none other than T. Henderson!!

HENDO's 18 rushes for 136 yards and two touchdowns sealed the deal for Tech's 10th straight win over the Bears last Saturday in Floyd Casey Stadium. Henderson proved once again that he will go down in the minds and hearts of the Red Raider faithful as one of the best players to don the scarlet and black.

With the passing game on the ropes, Henderson took center stage and carried the offense to a shutout 28-0 victory. Henderson impressed everyone watching with his jukes and ability to find a lane to run in! I swear, this guy can switch directions without missing a beat and can keep the opposing defense on their heels.

Congratulations, again Taurean! Thanks for all the hard work you do, and thanks for being a Red Raider!!

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