Weekly Press Conference

Here are some quotes from this week's press conference with Coach Leach, Cody Hodges, and Khalid Naziruddin.


Cody Hodges


  • Texas A&M has been and on and off team this year, how do you prepare for them?

"You have to prepare for their best, A&M is a good football team they have been a good football team for the past four or five years.  The Tech A&M series has gone back and forth ever since I have been here.  It's a game you have to get excited about, if we play well we have a chance to win if we don't play well we are going to get beat.  We just have to prepare like it's a normal game."

  • When you see what Iowa State did to their secondary what goes through your mind?

"If I throw the ball like I did against Baylor then it really doesn't matter.  We have to get better this week.  Obviously, there have been some teams that have had some success passing, that starts with me.  I need to get on track after having an off week on Saturday."

  • You were five of fourteen on third downs.  A lot of them were third and long does that worry you, and how do you correct that?

"It doesn't really worry me we just have to do better on first and second down.  That the way you get out of third and long.  You have to have positive plays of first and second downs.  We just have to avoid situations like those."

  • What do you have to do this week to not start out as sluggish as you did last Saturday?

"We just have to have a better week of practice.  Just get first downs right off the bat.  Taurean had a great game and we need to run the ball more with him.  Just get the receivers balls that they can catch, a lot of them were in the ground or low and behind them.  Regardless of how athletic Jarrett, Filani, Robert and Danny if the ball is behind them they are not going to be able to catch and run."

  • How does it feel to have the confidence that Alex can make field goals?

"It's really good, we would rather score seven points, but sometimes if we get in a situation late in the game and we need a field goal to win, I have plenty of confidence that if we get the ball down in his range that he is going to make it."

  • What is the biggest concern that the Wrecking Crew presents this year?

"I am sure the will blitz, every team we have faced has blitzed.  They are athletic guys all over the field.  They have a lot of experience Jaxon Appell their safety has started for like four years, so he is a guy that knows what he is doing.  So we just have to take care of the football."

  • Do you get to get caught up in the rivalry or do you have to strictly focus on the game?

"I grew up and A&M fan, my next door neighbor played for A&M.  I grew up with that whole tradition thing.  When I came to Tech everything gets kind of switched I automatically became a Tech fan.  It's an exciting game; it's an exciting game for our community and the student body.  My focus needs to be on the game itself I can't worry about other things all the hype and all of that.  It will be a fun game; I think it's at six so it will be a good crowd and a lot of energy there."



Khalid Naziruddin

  • Cody said that growing up he was a fan of the A&M, you grew up near College Station were you a A&M fan?

"I really wasn't I really wasn't a fan of anyone in Texas I was more of a Florida St. kind of guy.  As I grew up I became a fan of the Red Raiders."

"We need to play our responsibilities.  We don't really need any heroes; if I am a DB I need to be back in coverage.  He is going to run around a little bit we just need the front seven to try and get a hand on him.  Everybody has to play their role."

  • The most dangerous play is a blown play with Vince Young; do you take that same approach with Reggie McNeal?

"Yeah definitely, we can't have any blown coverage's or missed tackles or anything like that.  Blow coverage is probably key, because if you give up a 60 yard play it really kills the confidence of the defense. 

"Awesome! That's the word I use for Dwayne Slay, Awesome!  The guy is around the ball, he has a nose for the ball and he around it.  I hope someone gets down, because he is going to try to hit someone that's for sure.  Awesome, is the word I would use for Slay!"

  • Do you feel the hate between Tech and A&M?

"I think right now its Monday and everyone is kind of relaxed, when Thursday rolls around you will see a little edge come around on people and things like that.  Thursday it will heat up a little bit!"




Coach Leach

  • What goes through your mind when you see Iowa State throw for over 300 yards?

"I just hope we can throw well and do the same.  I thought Iowan State looked good I thought their QB did a good job for staying out of trouble, and then there was a receiver for them that had a big day."

  • Are you surprised that they are 115 in the nation in pass defense?

"I don't know the details as far as all the rankings, but I just know what I see on film they have big quick first step guys.  They run a lot of coverage to try to cloud what they are up to.  Offensively they are really explosive too."

  • Your play on third down hasn't been very good, what are the reasons behind this?

"I am not real happy with how we have played of third down.  We are sitting there in the middle, but we have lead the nation in that category before too.  There is no reason we can't get back to that."

  • Evaluate you offensive line play.  Cody has been on his back a lot hasn't he?

"He really hasn't, if you throw it as much as we do, this would be an interesting deals for one of you guys, what you ought to do, and let me know when you find out, take the number of pass attempts and divide it by the number of times sacked and see how we stack up with the other guys.  I haven't thought it was too bad because we throw quit a bit, and we definitely want to improve and we had some lapses that I am not pleased with at all.  I don't think it is any point of alarm."

  • Have you been able to develop trust in Alex's leg over the last couple of weeks?

"The one he hit the 47 yarder that could have gone a lot farther.  Then there was another one that I should have probably tried to let him kick.  I can't remember the exact situation, but I know we ended up punting one that I felt like we should have kicked it, to see what he could do."

  • Special Teams as a whole do you think there was a lot of improvement there?

"Thought there was a lot of improvement, I thought at the end of the game we let them off the hook a couple of times.  Thought there was quit a bit of improvement."

  • Today is Halloween, as a football coach what scares you the most?

"Just your own team, your own focus. If your guys a focused and avoiding distractions.  The stuff you can't control.  All coaches are pretty much control freaks and they go through practice and you go through drills and you run these plays and you design this around that, you know when they get into this that they are probably going to run that, so that's how it goes.  The mentality part, the guys being distracted, not focused the stuff you can't really reach and get your hands on.  You know."

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