Texas A&M @ Texas Tech: Offensive Preview

Robert Johnson took a short pass from Cody Hodges and took it all the way to the house against Baylor last week. Will he be able to have similar success against the 115th ranked passing defense of Texas A&M? RaidePower.com's Trent Wycoff breaks down the Red Raider offense for this weeks game against the Aggies.

Red Raider Offense vs. Aggie Defense

Red Raider fans became worried during the game against Baylor in Waco, mainly because Cody Hodges was not having his typical excellent performance. He was the first one to admit it, calling this game the worst performance of his life. The Texas Tech offense struggled for over half of the game again, and really did not come together until the fourth quarter. Had Alex Trlica not booted a pair of long field goals early, the Red Raiders' scoring would have been limited entirely to the fourth quarter.

It took a breakout play by Robert Johnson in the fourth quarter to spark the Red Raider offense. After that, it seemed like all of the stress was off and the Air Raid finally played to their potential, finishing with 22 points in the quarter. Taurean Henderson had yet another excellent game, finishing with 150 total offensive yards and two touchdowns. Henderson has arguably been the most consistent performer on the team this season, and still deserves more touches if you ask me. Jarrett Hicks also had an impressive outing, with seven catches for 155 yards on the day. Filani and Amendola were inconsistent, but Bristol Olomua again proved to be a reliable target. Still, these offensive woes aren't going to cut it this weekend against A&M. The Aggies already have enough reason to win this one in hopes of salvaging their disappointing season.

Has the Aggie defense earned the "Wrecking Crew" title yet? Not so much. They are allowing 307 passing yards per game, which ranks 237th in the NCAA. I didn't even know there were 237 teams. In total yards, they are allowing 426 per game, which ranks 211th. Obviously, this bodes well for the Texas Tech pass-happy offense. However, expect the Aggie defense to try and step it up considering the importance of this game to them. If they don't, and the Red Raiders fire on all cylinders, Tech might get close to OU's mark of 77-0 over the Aggies. Without a potent secondary, the Ags may be in for a long afternoon.

To summarize, if the first-half Baylor offense plays against A&M, the game could be closer than many think. Conversely, if the second-half K-State offense shows up, his one will get ugly in a hurry. Hopefully Red Raider and Aggie fans can attempt to show a bit of mutual respect, or both universities lose in the grand scheme of things. It's a rivalry game, not a "let's see whose fans have less class" game. Just keep in mind that it's all in fun, and don't let yourself or those around you get out of control.

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