Weekly Press Conference

Here are some quotes from this week's press conference with Coach Leach, Cody Hodges, and Khalid Naziruddin.

Cody Hodges

  • Last week was a big win, will Oklahoma State be tough road test?

"It was a big win for our team, especially after the Baylor game.  Offense, I feel like we got back on track.  Our goal after the Texas game was to win out.  That's what we are still focused on.  Oklahoma State is a good opponent.  They have kind of struggled at times this year; they are a good football team.  They were up big time on Texas at the half, you can't over look anybody; any given day a team can be beat.  We can't accomplish our goals if we don't take care of business this week."

  • How do you feel the team has performed on the road this year?

"I feel like the most part pretty well.  We faced Nebraska, we over came a lot.  You know, being up being down, we really stood together.  Obviously the Texas game, we were in it for a little bit, things kind of unraveled, and I think some guys panicked.  I think the Baylor game is a good sign of our team.  We struggled offensively, but the defense continued to play hard and finally the offense clicked.  I feel like as team we play well on the road.  At times we could probably play better; we have a chance this week to do that.

  • Is it fair or unfair to characterize you guys as a second half team?

"I guess in some of the games we probably are.  Obviously the K-State and A&M game, but offensively I feel that pretty much, I don't know what the stats are, but nearly every drive of the opening drive we have scored or got points.  We always seem to have that little lull after we score, and after our first couple of possessions.  That's something we need to correct.  Obviously Saturday we were a second half team.  If we can play like that in the second half, we should play like that in the first half too.

  • Would you like to have a bye week or do you like playing every week?

"I kind of like playing every week, I think health wise it would be good to have maybe a bye week during the middle of the season.  We have had guys banged up all year, and the bye week allows for extra time for guys to heal.  We have been able to bounce back week to week, and this way we have been able to keep things rolling.

  • With all that Taurean has done this year, what else could he do?

"I guess he could break the all time scoring record.  I think when ever the ball is in his hands he scores, whether it be catching it or running it.  The thing that gets over looked a lot is the way he picks up the blitz.  There are plenty of times when I should get hit or sacked and he steps up and blocks.  He has had a great career.  We just need to continue hand him the ball and let him see what else he can accomplish.  Maybe that is scoring ten more touchdowns.


Khalid Naziruddin

  • Oklahoma has some weapons on offense what do you plan of doing to slow them down?

"They have good receivers.  D'Juan Wood things like that.  The Big XII no matter who's who or what their record is any team can be beat, the Big XII is a good conference.  We've got to go in there and play hard. 

  • They scored 28 on Texas, did that grab you attention?

"I think it grabbed everybody's attention, like whoa how did that happen.  Any team is capable of doing anything.  We aren't going to underestimate anybody."

  • Has Dwayne Slay sort of redefined the free safety position?

"You always want a guy like Dwayne Slay on your team knocking the ball out, making big plays.  Big hits, especially forced fumbles, that changes the momentum of the game.  He is defiantly a different type of free safety.  We are glad to have him.  I know that!"

  • How did the shutout win against Baylor help get this defense back together after the loss to Texas?

"I think it helped out a lot.  We haven't had a shutout in so long, Coach Setencich always preaches shutouts.  It was a big momentum boost and really helped us out a lot. 


Coach Leach

  • How do you feel that your team has performed on the road this year?

"I don't know.  I think pretty good.  We have done some good things on the road.  I guess I can't totally remember who we played on the road.  Just try not to get distracted and go out there and play good.

·        Thoughts on their stadium?

"The tightest sideline in the conference, pretty loud, kind of a incessant group as far as noise and things like that.  It's a good game day environment.  I think it's exciting.  It does have a tight sideling and all that stuff."

  • Do you feed off the energy of the crowd when they are that close, or would you rather have them farther away from you.

"Kind of depends, depends on how things are going.  The more points we have the closer I want them, the less we have the farther away."

  • Talk about you O-Line.

"I think the O-Line has played really well.  I think they have continued to improve and gotten better.  I think they complement each other really well."

  • Taurean needs 10 touchdowns to break the scoring record.  Will this influence you game plan?

"It's probably not going to.  He has done pretty good getting them by normal coaching up to this point.  I think if it got real close,  and we were on the tenth one and we were inside the five and had a chance, and we had the game in hand, we might give it to him three times.  Another thing that is impressive about him, is that he is where he is at on the all purpose yard list without being a special teams returner."

  • Would you say that Taurean doesn't get the national recognition that he deserves?

"I would say that's accurate.  I think he has with stood the test of time in addition to being a real explosive.  He is the leading scorer in the country.  I think that's pretty accurate.  He has done this for four straight years."

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