Greg McElroy is Still Firm to the Red Raiders

As the Southlake Carroll Dragons prepare for yet another playoff run, their star QB Greg McElroy took a break to talk to about his committment to Texas Tech. had a chance to catch up with South Lake Carroll's standout quarterback Greg McElroy, who committed to Texas Tech in late September. So far this season, McElroy has led the Dragons to a 10-0 record and the #1 ranking in the country, and as the 5-A high school playoffs heat up, Tech fans' anticipation for the talented player will continue to grow. McElroy is excited for his opportunity to play for Mike Leach, who he says is "the best coach in the country." Greg is very impressed with Coach Leach's ability to exploit mismatches and feels that much of Texas Tech's success has come from Leach finding and exploiting these mismatches.

He also respects that the Red Raiders have won in the past with athletes who were not heavily recruited. He believes that as the Red Raiders continue their winning trend, they will gain more respect as a solid, talented football team.

McElroy is equally impressed with the facilities at Texas Tech. "They are awesome. The suites they just built are really nice." The state of the art locker room, weight rooms, training room, and individual meeting rooms are high on his list as well.

Most schools that had been recruiting Greg before he committed have since backed off. "I made it clear to them that I was firm in my commitment to Texas Tech. After that, most of the schools after me started to contact me less."

Greg should be able to make the transition to being a Red Raider quite easily. Fitting in with the players at Texas Tech shouldn't be a problem, as he is a "really laid-back, open-minded guy." He knows John Saldi and explains that his and Saldi's families are good friends. In addition, he already feels a close bond to the coaching staff at Tech. He had high praise for the strength and conditioning coach, Bennie Wyle.

McElroy is excited about the chance he will have to play with some very talented Red Raiders. According to Greg, the WR's at Tech are the best in the college football, which should ease his transition.

The fact that the Texas Tech is in the hunt for a BCS birth and is a favorite to go to the Cotton Bowl reassures Greg that Tech is the place he wants to be. With the combination of talented players and "the greatest coaching staff in the nation," Greg firmly believes that Tech should be in the hunt for a National Championship soon!

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