Press Conference

Here are some quotes from this week's press conference with Coach Leach and Cody Hodges

Cody Hodges:

  • What do you think about the game now that you have had a chance to look at the film?
    1. "We played terrible and we made mistakes.  We're human, just like everybody else, and we had a big opportunity in front of us.  Oklahoma State played well, they still made mistakes but they were able to make the big plays at the right time.  We started slow and never really got it going throughout the whole game."


  • As the quarterback is it harder to not shoulder too much of the responsibility?
    1. "I think it comes with the position.  When we win I get a lot of credit and when we lose it is pretty much my fault.  Especially in this offense, if things aren't clicking it really doesn't matter what everybody else on offense is doing if I am not throwing completions.  It is hard, I take a lot of responsibility.  My goal is to win as many games as possible for this team this year.  It is hard to swallow, we got beat by a team that we're better than, and that is something to take away from OSU, but we feel we have a better football team.  They played better on Saturday than we did, and they deserved to win that day."


  • You said after the game that it hadn't sunk in that the team lost, after two days has it had time to sink in?
    1. "Yeah, because things have kind of changed.  Yesterday at practice and all day yesterday guys had their head down.  We had a players meeting that lasted probably thirty to forty five minutes.  As a team we need to stick to together.  We have the option to go forward or we can hang and lose this week and lose our bowl game.  If we do that we are eight and four, that is what we've done last year and the year before.  As a team we still feel like we have the chance to go ten and two.  That is what we are focused on, we have got to bounce back and we have got to get this taste out of our mouth as soon as possible."


  • What does the Oklahoma defense present as a challenge to you?
    1. Oklahoma has pretty much just owned Texas Tech the past five years.  Since Coach Leach has been here we haven't beat OU.  OU is supposedly having a down year, they have lost a couple of games and those game were three months ago.  So we know that OU is going to come in here and give it their best shot.  Pretty much we are fighting for the same bowl game right now.  It is a chance for us seniors to go out with a win at home, more than that we can win this game for Coach Leach, we can give him that first victory over his former team."


  • How do you change the fact that last week Oklahoma State played harder than the team did?
    1. "You get beat and it is a pretty big wake up call.  Obviously we would love to avoid a wake up call this late in the season, but like I said we made mistakes and we are human.  The team realizes that we pretty much shot ourselves in the foot.  We have a chance to bounce back and beat OU and go nine and two on the season." 


  • Are teams starting to figure out how to better play against this spread offense?
    1. Regardless of what we do teams are going to prepare well.  Oklahoma State pretty much had nothing to lose.  It was their senior day.  Regardless of if they didn't stop us I think we still don't win the game because we didn't play hard.  If you watched it in the stands or if you watch it on game film we didn't play hard as an offense, defense, or special teams.  You can't win ball games when not everyone is playing hard."



Coach Leach:

  • Looking back is there anything you would have done differently strategy wise to attack their defense?
    1. "Nothing strategy wise, really.  Just signs of complacency, I think really starting from Thursday in the hotel.  Because we had really good physical practices.  As for how we warmed up, how we handled the trip, and on the road we just became a flat, complacent group and went out there and played that way."


  • How did the guys practice yesterday?

1.      "We practiced real well.  It was the best Sunday practice we have had.  I think that one thing that is key, and I believe it will happen, is several key players that need to step up and take a bit of a leadership role.  We really had those type of guys being really assertive yesterday and we are off to a good start and I am looking forward to this next game."


  • Mike Gundy said after the game that they were completely focused on taking Taurean away from you and told their defensive end that he had no gap responsibility and that he was just supposed to go and play; do you think they played with nothing to lose more than other teams have?
    1. "I think there was a certain amount of that.  I didn't think there was any brilliant strategy moves because quite frankly it is impossible for Oklahoma State to show us something we haven't already seen.  I think they clearly used their off week very well.  Quite honestly I think as a team we got to feeling a little too good just because we beat ATM.  As soon as we recognize that you prepare to beat people, you expect to beat people and it is no big deal you move on to the next one then I think we will have a better perspective on games like Oklahoma State."


  • Do you think that it is important that some of the players called the players meeting yesterday?

1.      "I think it is important that we have some players step up.  I think that is something that we lacked this past game and really for a couple of weeks."


  • Is rush defense a major area of concern with Adrian Peterson coming in?
    1. "Yeah, he is really a key.  Whether he is in there or not I think that is what they want to do, they want to run the ball.  I think that is a big key."


  • Is there any legitimacy to Oklahoma playing you so well because they know your offense?

1.      "No more legitimacy than the fact that everyone else has had trouble with them too.  I'm in a fairly long line of people who have struggled with Oklahoma."


  • Has it been so long that that shouldn't play a role anymore?
    1. "I don't think it did in the first place.  Unless you got a wealth of people that tended to beat Oklahoma, and I can't think of too many that just had their way with Oklahoma."


  • You have been able to beat Texas, ATM and several other successful programs…

1.      "Of course for all those years Oklahoma was more successful than all of them.  I think they are a good team.  They play a really good defense.  I don't think it has anything to do with scheme.  I get asked all these magic pill questions.  Was it a magic pill?  Did something magic happen?  Was it magic?  Was there this guy?  Oh, did they get this guy and that was it?  You go out there and grind them out; there are all these big, gigantic guys and there are some other guys that are pretty big too but they run faster.  You just go out there and grind away and if you have pretty good emotion and tempo and if you are tough and you fight through it and do it over and over you are probably going to be pretty good.  Oklahoma State beat us everywhere.  Was their left guard better than our left guard?  YES.  Was their defensive end better than ours?  YES.  Was their safety better than ours?  YES.  Was their running back better than ours?  YES.  Was their quarterback better than ours?  YES.  There is no magic stuff.  They were tough we weren't tough at all."

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