Lyle Setencich Talks to RaiderPower About OU

Texas Tech defensive coordinator Lyle Setencich discusses Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson and quarterback Rhett Bomar

Despite what some Texas Tech football fans would call recent struggles with the defense, 2005 has been a successful year for the defensive side of the game. In 2003, Lyle Setencich took over as defensive coordinator for the Texas Tech Red Raiders and began coaching the players that are now the starters in his new system. In 2003, the Raider defense finished the season ranked 106th in the nation out of 117 total teams and gave up 453 yards per game. The following year, the Texas Tech defense improved significantly, advancing their ranking to 46th in the nation and giving up almost 100 less yards per game.

This season, the Red Raider defense continues to improve, giving away only 333 yards per game. Coach Setencich suggests that the reason for the progression is that his system takes some time to understand and credits the recent success to players gaining more experience and becoming familiar with the defensive system.

This week will be one of the toughest tests this year for the Red Raider defense. Oklahoma comes to Jones SBC Stadium, and they bring with them one of the best running backs in the nation with Adrian Peterson. Though Peterson has struggled recently with injuries, he has been running better than ever the past few games. "Peterson could possibly be the best back in the nation," Setencich states. He continues, "If he's not the best, he's definitely within the top three." Preparing for Peterson won't be the only difficult task this week for the Texas Tech defense. Rhett Bomar, OU's quarterback, started the season a little slower than some had expected, but he also has made huge strides recently. "He'll be a big time quarterback someday," Setencich says. "He can throw very well, as well as run with the ball. He is a tough kid and has a huge future ahead of him."

Texas Tech, however, does have one significant statistic in its favor. The past three years, the Red Raiders are 6-0 coming off a loss in the previous week. The last back-to-back losses occurred in 2003 when Texas Tech lost successive games to Texas and Oklahoma. Hopefully, the trend of the last three years will continue on Saturday when the Raiders face the Sooners.

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