Bennie Wylie Brings Pride and Intensity

Strength and conditioning coach Bennie Wylie takes pride in that the Texas Tech football team is the best conditioned team on the field every Saturday. We caught up with Bennie to talk with him about his off-season strength program and how it helps our players come game day.

The harder you work, the luckier you get, and hard work is a major component in the success of the Texas Tech Red Raider football team. Bennie Wylie, Texas Tech's strength and conditioning coach, prides himself in being one of the Tech coaches that conveys that demanding effort and dedication to the team. "I try to bring work ethic, intensity, and pride in how hard you work," Wylie says. "I kind of bring an attitude where you refuse to lose."

This is Wylie's second year at Texas Tech, and the results of his instruction are evident. Records in the weight room have been broken, and the team's performance on the field has also improved. Wylie says that he strives to instill hard work into the players and accomplishes this task through unique methods of training. Besides the basic weight room training, Wylie has also installed a 40-yard sand pit to help the players with speed and quickness. He explains, "I try to challenge the guys by keeping them on their toes. I feel like keeping them excited about their training is important to their success."

During the football season, the team cuts back to some extent on their weight training in order to spend more time preparing their game plan for the opponent. Wylie is looking forward to the upcoming weeks when the Red Raiders will use the extra time to "get healthy, as well as spend some additional time in the weight room" preparing for the team's bowl opponent. Which bowl game or opponent will be determined soon.

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