Texas Tech Football Coaching Salaries

With the recent interest in many Texas Tech assistant coaches by other programs, RaiderPower.com decided to take a look at the salaries of the current coaching staff and then compare them with other institutions in the Big 12 when that information is passed along to us.

Texas Tech Football Staff



Bailey, Jennie Admin. Business Assistant 34,667
Bedenbaugh, Bill Assistant Coach 130,000
Brown, Dave Assistant Coach 137,040
Buck, Donald Unit Manager 56,045
Conger, Benny Unit Coordinator 25,000
Crowell, Robbie Assistant Equipment Manager 30,193
Dykes, Daniel "Sonny" Assistant Coach 130,232
Emerick, David Unit Coordinator 38,000
Holgorsen, Dana Assistant Coach 130,030
Jennings, John RA/Grad Assistant 14,606
Jones, Jeff Assistant Equipment Manager 33,000
Leach, Mike Head Coach 300,000
Littrell, Seth Assistant Coach 118,500
Mainord, Carlos Assistant Coach 126,000
Manzelmann, Jake Assistant Coach 31,000
McNeill, Ruffin Assistant Coach 150,800
McVay, Tommy Assoc. AD - Dir. FB Operations 100,862
Nichol, David GA/Asst Coach Trainee 14,606
Ross, Patty Unit Manager 66,853
Sadler, Charlie Assistant Coach 126,000
Setencich, Lyle Assistant Coach 207,000
Simmons, Dennis Asst AD - Quality Control 101,200
Vandergriff, Laura Admin Business Assistant 28,000
Williams, Lavell Assistant Coach 35,000
Wylie, Bennie Head Strength Coach 90,000

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