Michael Crabtree to Visit Iowa This Weekend

Michael Crabtree took an official visit to Tech on Dec. 9th and has plans to head to Iowa for an official this upcoming weekend. Before he headed out to Iowa, Scout.com decided to catch up with him to see where he stands.

Dallas Carter's Michael Crabtree entered the month of January intent on taking three official visits. His third official visit will occur to the University of Iowa this coming weekend, but Crabtree says there is an outside chance a fourth visit will be set.

"I'm going to visit Iowa this weekend to check it out, and then I'll decide after it if I'm going to visit Baylor or not," Crabtree stated. "I had always said that I needed to take three visits, so I want to take my third, and then I'll see if I'm ready to make my decision or not. I don't know anything about Iowa so I'm not sure what I will be thinking after this weekend."

Crabtree, who previously visited Kansas (Dec. 2nd) and Texas Tech (Dec. 9th), says all three teams are currently equal.

Iowa: "Coach Ferentz was the first, and only head coach to make a visit to my house. I talk to Coach Ferentz regularly, along with Coach (Ron) Aiken and Coach (Lester) Erb. If I work hard, I have the potential to play as a true freshman. They've gone to four straight New Year's Day bowl games."

Texas Tech: "I felt comfortable at Texas Tech, and Lubbock was bigger than I thought it would be. The edge they hold right now is I really like the fact they throw the ball nearly every down, and my good friend, safety Vincent Meeks, just finished there. His grandma lived on the same street as mine, and we use to play football, basketball, everything together. There are a lot of guys from Dallas and Houston that I know there."

Kansas: "Even during break with not many students there, I had a good time at Kansas. They have two receivers heading to the pros, and I can play next year. The edge they hold right now is their strength and conditioning program. Texas Tech's was alright, but Kansas has everything. I like Coach (Tim) Beck, and how they give their receivers choices, and they chance to make reads. Kansas passes the ball more than I had thought, too."

In Crabtree's conversations with Hawkeye coaches, particularly wide receiver coach Lester Erb, Crabtree learned why the Hawkeyes coveted an official visit from him so badly.

"They like the fact that I make plays, and do things with the ball in my hands," added Crabtree, who weighed in at 205 pounds during his Texas Tech official visit. "Coach Erb told me that likes how I compete, and show up for big games."

I asked Crabtree what his biggest game was this fall.

"Probably, our first game against Garland High School. We had lost to them last year, and beat them this year. After they scored on us twice, my coach asked me to play corner on the receiver that was beating us. I shut him down all game, and stopped a crucial touchdown pass. I had nearly 100 yards in both rushing and throwing at quarterback, and there was big third down pass I completed. Carter doesn't throw often so that it made a bigger play," Crabtree explained.

Now, as Crabtree anticipates making a decision, he will see if his third official visit is all that he needs. There are a few things he will be looking for.

"I want to play as a freshman as I don't like riding no bench," said Crabtree, who played wide receiver as a sophmore at Carter. "I know that I will have work to hard to do that, but that is my full intention. I want to go to a program where I'll be I'll recieve help in making the league; that is a dream of anybody's. I also am going to pay a lot of attention to the strength and conditioning programs."

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