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Please read the following as they are a guide for you, so that you can enjoy posting, while you can have assurances that there exist some certain guidelines about the etiquette expected by those that frequent the RaiderPower forums.


Welcome to the message boards dedicated to the Texas Tech Red Raiders. We welcome fellow faithful, as well as rival fans, to drop in, relax and talk a lot of football.

In order to facilitate the free and respectful exchange of opinions about all things Red Raiders, the following board etiquette should be observed. PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY. If you ever have a question about why a post was removed, please consult this list. A team of unpaid moderators and administrators monitors this board.

The mods are responsible for keeping this message board fun, informative and clean. If a visitor reads an offensive post while a moderator is not logged in, users are encouraged to e-mail an alert to one or all of the moderators/administrators. We expressly reserve the right to delete in its entirety any post or link to material, which we, in our sole discretion, deem to be offensive to the sensibilities of ordinary persons, or which might subject us to legal liability.

Registration is currently required to post on any board of and we encourage you to do so. Registering lends credibility to your moniker and new users receive a warm welcome. It also insures that no one else can "impersonate" you or post a message using your moniker. EZ Board registration will not result in an inbox full of spam, and you only share as much, or as little information as you want.

1. Flaming: Posters will be expected to maintain basic courtesy toward the opinions of others. Please avoid flame wars or anything you KNOW will cause others to flame, aka "flame bait." We expect members to agree or disagree in a civil manner. Personal attacks will not be tolerated towards other fellow posters, recruits, players or coaches.

2. Bigotry: Posts containing racial, sexual, ethnic or religious slurs will be promptly deleted. Repeated posts with these slurs will be considered cause for banishment. Discrimination and/or bigotry will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

3. Spamming: No spam (posts containing advertising) are allowed without the express permission of the publishers of the Message Boards. Contact myself if you have any questions regarding this subject.

4. Trolling: No trolling is allowed on the board. A troll is someone who comes onto RaiderPower, and posts inflammatory, rude, repetitive or offensive messages designed intentionally to annoy and antagonize the existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion.

5. Offensive Language: The administrators of this board recognize it is populated by adults, thus we expect that they will be able to express themselves in a public forum accordingly. The use of profanity is discouraged. Continued use of profanity will be cause for deleting a message. Obscene language and/or graphics are not acceptable.

6. File Size: For performance reasons, please limit any graphics to which you post links to images 50K or less in size. If you're not sure, don't post it. This is a technically powerful board, but going overboard with graphics will limit the performance of the board and the willingness of users to read your posts in the future.

7. Images: While we have been somewhat lax in our policing of those linking pictures from other origins, we now ask that if you are pasting an image that is a copyrighted image from any other location not originating from RaiderPower, you instead provide a link to that image and not the image itself. That copyright is there for a reason and reproduction or simply copying that image and pasting it in any post of yours is strictly prohibited.

8. All Caps: Please refrain from posting using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Capital letters are great for emphasis, but it is annoying to read posts that are all caps.

9. HAVE FUN: Have fun talking about the Red Raiders and all the sports that make the program great. Different opinions about those topics are what this board thrives on, but let's be respectful.

10. Recruiting information: If you provide ANY recruiting information on any board of RaiderPower, you will provide a source for that information. If such cannot be provided, we reserve the right to delete that post as it is quite possible that the information originated from a premium source, i.e. a subscription based recruiting site. If it is a free article, link to that article, but any posts about hearsay information will be judged and summarily ruled upon at the discretion of the moderators and/or administrators as to it’s continuing existence.

Both we and others make a living or try to with the recruiting information provided and we expect all to respect that.

For People Who Just Don't Get It: If you have nothing constructive to provide to said forum (determined by any of the board moderators), your posts can be removed without warning. If you continue to make posts that offend any group, you may be banned.

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