Will Leonard Hewitt be a Red Raider?

We caught up with 3 star defensive back Leonard Hewitt to discuss his future plans. Hewitt was originally committed to Tech, but then decided to take a hard look at LSU. Where will Hewitt sign on February 1st? RaiderPower.com has the answer.

"I am coming to Tech," said Leonard Hewitt, the 5'11 185 pound defensive back. "They have a really good atmosphere up there and I like their focus on academics."

Hewitt is a versatile athlete that played cornerback and wide receiver in high school, but the Red Raiders want to keep him in the secondary. "Tech is looking at me to play either safety or corner back," said Hewitt. "I am hoping that if I come in this summer and work hard I will have the opportunity to play as a freshman. I know they lost three DB starters so hopefully I have a chance. If not, I will sit out a year and work hard for the next."

If you haven't been able to watch Leonard Hewitt in action, click the link below to watch his video:

Leonard Hewitt Highlights

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