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Welcome to the first installment of the Raider Rundown. This is a new segment we will be doing where we solicit recruiting questions from our members and then have Jeremy Patterson, our regional recruiting expert, answer them. We received some great questions this week and Jeremy provided some valuable insight into how this year's recruiting class is shaping up. He also discusses next year's recruiting class and what the 2007 kids are already saying about the Red Raiders.

aswofford: What recruit if any does he think has the potential to come in and contribute early?

Jeremy Patterson: I think Ofa Mohetau is probably the most likely with his age and physical maturity. I think Michael Crabtree is an excellent player and has gamebreaker ability. With the amount of wide outs Leach uses in his system, he’s going to have a chance to get on the field early.


RedRaider3920 :
Which recruits are we not sure about grade wise?

Jeremy Patterson: I think it’s almost a lock that Broderick Marshall will not start his career at Tech, but at a JUCO somewhere. 


Have we improved our ability to recruit outside of Texas?

Jeremy Patterson: I think certainly going to the Cotton Bowl and playing a national name like Alabama is huge. Obviously Tech’s main recruiting ground is going to be in the state of Texas. If Tech can land some of the top tier guys they want in state, they won’t have to go out of state and recruit much except to fill needs.


Rhinotek : Will we have 25 scholarships to offer next year? I would think signing over 30 kids this year would impact next year. 

Jeremy Patterson: I think the number is going to be in the 20-22 range. Certainly Tech oversigned this year. There will be a couple of guys grey shirt and a few that won’t make it academically.


I'd like clarification on how schools can do camps off campus ( such as osu). If that is legal, is Tech thinking of doing something like that in Dallas and Houston in the future.

Jeremy Patterson: It’s definitely legal or those schools wouldn’t be doing them. I’m not sure that Tech will do those because at the end of the day the most of the guys they are recruiting are from Texas. Oklahoma State does this because they recruit mainly in Texas and because as an out of state school it is harder for them to convince the big time players to come to a camp there than it is Tech.


OBXRaider : I see that ut has 25 commits. Yet I hear they are using their recent nc to hit up some of the top national talent to come there.  Do they have any grade risks or could some of their current commits be grey-shirted or dropped?

Jeremy Patterson
: You won’t see this class change much, everyone should make it in academically and only one guy that I know of will greyshirt. I think they are planning to use that pitch more toward the class of 2007.


aswofford   : After being in contact with schools all around the region. What does Jeremy think about Tech's future chances at even better recruits?

Jeremy Patterson: I’ve already starting talking to many of the top guys in the class of 2007. The biggest percentage of them mention Tech and almost across the board, guys are listing Tech higher than A&M right now. In this state when Texas wants a kid they are very difficult to beat, but Tech is definitely being looked at a lot more differently than they were even five years ago.


RRaider : If you already told us I missed it, so, tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, how long have you been covering recruiting, things of that nature.

Jeremy Patterson: I grew up in the state of Alabama and currently live in Nashville, TN. I will be relocating to Texas in the next couple of months to be able to better cover recruiting in the state. I have been in the business for about three years. I worked for the competition up until October. I covered recruiting for the University of Georgia and was the Southeast recruiting analyst over there, before I decided to come here and take over the Big 12 South for Scout.


Is improving our recruiting outside of Texas something we
need to focus/work on?

Jeremy Patterson: It’s like I’ve said. It never hurts to recruit well outside the state, but if Tech can get a lot of the top players in state they don’t have to go outside the state often. Obviously Texas is tough to beat on a lot of guys, but they can only sign 25.  There are tons of great players in the state.


FPD72 : What do you know about Jocques Crawford? In what type of trouble was he involved in high school? How did he enjoy his visit to Tech? What are our chances of getting him? If chances are good, how do you project him, as a RB or DB?

Jeremy Patterson: Crawford is a very good player, who lost some luster because of some trouble he hit early in the season. He was accused of raping a girl early in the season, but was cleared of any wrong doing. He is a good kid that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think he is a big, physical running back. He’s really an SEC style running back, so it will be interesting to see him in Tech’s offense.

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