Taylor Potts Chat Transcript

RaiderPower.com held an exclusive chat with 4 star quarterback Taylor Potts on Monday. The chat went great and our members were able to ask Taylor their own questions. We know some people couldn't make it to the chat, so we have the transcript available for you here.

Taylor Potts:: OK, I'm ready for your questions
raidergrad79:: taylor, what was the deciding factor for you to choose tech?
TaylorPotts:: The main things were distance from home and the style of offense Tech runs.
BlairCunningham:: Are you excited that you’ll have a few abilene teammates that will be in Lubbock with you?
TaylorPotts:: Oh yeah definitely. I think that will be awesome
TaylorPotts:: Lyle, Kolby, and I are almost like brothers
aswofford:: What do u hope to achieve while at Texas Tech?
TaylorPotts:: i hope to one day get the starting qb spot before my senior year so i'd be a 2-3 year starter.  I also would like to have a chance to go to the nfl one day
BlairCunningham:: How closely do you follow Tech's recruiting?
TaylorPotts:: not a whole lot; here and there i try to find out who's coming
RedRaider3920:: What factors that Tech posseses amfirmed your decision that Tech is the right school for you throughout the recruiting process.
TaylorPotts:: it's close to home, so being able to see my friends and family
TaylorPotts:: i've also built relationships w/ the coaches at tech
TaylorPotts:: so it wasn't really 1 thing, it was a combination of things
BlairCunningham:: Are you glad to get the recruiting process over with?
TaylorPotts:: yeah, i'm really excited to get it over with
Tapodaca:: what are you looking forward to the most?
TaylorPotts:: probably playing football
TaylorPotts:: i really feel like that's where God's leading me
TaylorPotts:: Im just anxious to see what God has in store for me
RedRaider3920:: Have you always been interested in Tech?  I mean, were you hoping you would receive an offer from Coach Leach and company?
TaylorPotts:: i didn't really care where an offer came from; i just wanted an opportunity to play for a big time school
EnglishRedRaider:: Hi Taylor, is Lubbock a place you have been to and seen a lot of, or will it be completely new to you?
TaylorPotts:: yeah i've been to lubbock quite a bit
TaylorPotts:: i was here for some spring practices and 3 or 4 games
BlairCunningham:: How does the Red Raider offense compare to what you ran in HS?
TaylorPotts:: we were more of a balanced type offense
TaylorPotts:: we threw probably 20 times and ran close to 20
TaylorPotts:: we definitely did a lot more running than they do up at tech
RedRaider3920:: What steps have you taken to begin physical preparation for after signing day?
TaylorPotts:: i'm trying to lift a lot and stay in shape by playing other sports like basketball and baseball
TaylorPotts:: i'm just doing what i normally do
heavyg30:: When do you plan on moving to Lubbock for school?
TaylorPotts:: probably early july for the second session of summer school
RedRaider3920:: Was the opportunity to play in front of 55,000 people a deciding factor?  If so, are you excited in the proposed Jones Stadium expansion plans?
TaylorPotts:: yeah that is pretty exciting
TaylorPotts:: the games i went to were pretty packed and very exciting
Tapodaca:: you know what you want to get a degree in?
TaylorPotts:: i'm not sure what i want to get my degree in yet
aswofford:: are you excitied to get to work with bennie wylie the strength and conditioning coach at Tech
TaylorPotts:: yeah i am
TaylorPotts:: i'll probably get a work out program from Bennie before I get up there to get familiar with everything
RRaider:: Can you tell us a little about Lyle Leong, he sounds like a very gifted reciever.
TaylorPotts:: we've played together since elementary school and been good friends
TaylorPotts:: he's one of those athletes that can do anything that he wants to
TaylorPotts:: he can play any sport that he wants to, he's just an athlete
BlairCunningham:: how frequently do you visit message boards like raider power?
TaylorPotts:: i don't visit message boards
RedRaider3920:: With the opportunity to come in and sign with a large, highly touted offensive line class and work with them from the beginning, do you think that will help you mesh well with the possible linemen that will be protecting you in the future?
TaylorPotts:: yeah definitely
TaylorPotts:: i think that's really big
TaylorPotts:: i had a pretty good relationship w/ my o-line in Abilene and I thought that was beneficial
aswofford:: What do you think the future holds for Texas Tech with Taylor Potts at QB
TaylorPotts:: you know, i guess anything could happen
Tapodaca:: is there any QB out there that you compare yourself to...or try to play like?
TaylorPotts:: no not really
TaylorPotts:: i always kind of pick the best one and try to play like him, but there's not really any one person out that there that i try to play like
TaylorPotts:: i have always liked brett farve and peyton manning though
Rhinotek:: Have you researched the other players who have given a verbal  to Tech & do you know anyone besides Lyle Leong thats in the class?
TaylorPotts:: i know baron batch out of midland
ZKilborn:: how does Abilene's recruiting class look for next year?
TaylorPotts:: there's several kids that have a chance, quite a few sophomores that have a good chance
TaylorPotts:: the whole o-line this year was great
TaylorPotts:: grant miller, mitch harvery are a few of the o-linemen that have a chance
RedRaider3920:: You mentioned earlier that you weren't too concerned with where an offer came from, you just wanted to play for a Big Name program; but did you have a specific conference in which you wanted to play?
TaylorPotts:: it didn't really matter
TaylorPotts:: the big 12 is always good so it'll be a good place to play
TaylorPotts:: ok I need to get going.   thanks for your time guys

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