Junior Day Updates (Sunday 7:25 PM)

Texas Tech held their junior day this weekend and RaiderPower.com is providing updates on who was able to attend and how everything went. Look inside for the latest updates.

Junior Day Updates

Isiah Oputa - Isiah was not able to make it to Tech's junior day this weekend. Something came up and he was unable to attend.

Ben Goldthorpe - DE Ben Goldthorpe was in town this weekend for Texas Tech's junior day. He did not receive an offer while he was here, but the coaching staff will be going to Denton to evaluate him further.

Ricky Simpson - Ricky wasn't able to make it to Tech's junior day this weekend because they were all out of hotel rooms. He also mentioned to me that his current top 3 are Iowa, Alabama, and Kansas State.

We'll continue to keep an eye on him and see if Tech fits into the puzzle at a later date.

Chima Nwachukwu - Chima had conflicting plans so we was unable to attend Tech's junior day.  He is still very interested in the Red Raiders and is going to try and make it to Lubbock whenever he gets a chance.

Austin Box - I spoke with Austin and he said he had a great time on the visit. The Red Raiders had already extended him an official offer before his visit, so the coaching staff was trying to move up on his list.

Austin has already visited OU a few times and had them out in front before he came to Lubbock. Here's what he had to say about his trip:

"I loved it. I loved the facilities and the coaches were great. Texas Tech definitely made up some ground on OU today. They were very impressive."

Austin is looking to decide on where he will commit sometime during the summer, so we'l continue to keep up with him as he takes more visits.

Cal Farley - Cal was unable to make Tech's junior day this weekend due to a track meet. I spoke with his mother and she said Cal really wanted to come, but felt that he couldn't let his track team down.

She did mention that Tech was also planning on having another junior day in min April that Cal would most likely attend.


Brandon Self - Brandon made it out to Lubbock and had a great time. He didn't pick up an offer but he's still very interested in the Red Raiders. Tech is currently his #1 school with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Florida State, and Kansas State behind them.

He also mentioned that he wanted to commit early, so if the coaching staff is really interested in this kid and extend an offer, he could be our first commit of the '07 class.

Ricker Brothers - Jordon and Mitchell Ricker both were able to attend Tech's junior day this weekend. I spoke with their Dad and he said that they both were very impressed with the facilities and coaches we had here in Lubbock.

One thing that really stuck out to them was how much Coach Leach made them feel welcome. Neither one of them received an offer while at the camp, but Coach Leach told them they will be giving out a lot of offers during their mini-camp in June.

One other note, both of these kids are very bright. Mitchell scored a 26 on his ACT as a sophomore and Jordon scored a 24

Brock Bomkamp - Brock made it out to Lubbock this weekend to attend Tech's junior day. Before this weekend Brock had Baylor as his #1 school with no one else close, but that has changed.

"Tech has a really beautiful campus and their facilities were amazing," said Bomkamp. "They are definitely on the top of my list with Baylor."

Brock will be graduating in December, so he'll be able to join whichever team he decides on for spring practice. He has yet to receive an offer from Tech, but they asked for his film and he'll be getting that out to them this coming week.


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