A Deeper Look: Wide Receivers

RaiderPower.com breaks down the current WR depth chart to see where everyone fits in. Some of this could change, but this is the way everything is shaping up heading into spring practice.


88 Jarrett Hicks, RSSR, (6’3, 210), 23 starts, 2002 recruiting class
-Career TD leader and could reach 30 for a career this season.
-He should be career yardage leader by the 5th or 6th game, maybe sooner.
-His 2002 season was the 2nd best single season a WR had at Tech

GP Recp Yards Avg TD Long Ave/G
2005 11 65 850 13.1 10 45 77.3
2004 12 76 1177 15.5 13 80 98.0
2003 13 32 498 15.6 5 34 38.3

4 Todd Walker
, SO, (6’1, 179), 2005 recruiting class
-Todd was a speeding QB in HS who enrolled in the spring and played as a true FR, mainly at KR. He should get some good playing time early and he needs to    make the most of it.  

GP Recp Yards Avg TD Long Ave/G
2005 9 3 26 8.7 0 11 2.9

85 Chris Cunigan
, RSFR, (6’2, 170), 2005 recruiting class
-He was a mid level recruit with a lot of potential.



20 Danny Amendola, JR, (5’10, 181), 9 starts, 2004 recruiting class
-He was heralded as the second coming of Wes, which was setting the bar too high.
-He made the occasional great catch, but spend most the game out of sight. He lost the starting spot for 2 games to LA Reed. 

GP Recp Yards Avg TD Long Ave/G
2005 12 34 395 11.6 3 39 32.9
2004 12 13 119 9.2 1 20 9.9

12 Eric Morris, RSSO
, (5’8, 178), 2004 recruiting class
-Small, athletic recruit who made a lot of exciting plays in HS. He didn’t show that much last season, but didn’t get much of a chance. 

GP Recp Yards Avg TD Long Ave/G
2005 9 10 80 8 0 15 8.9

Thomas Bachman
-He was a blue chip WR with three 1000 yard receiving seasons at a big name HS. He played as a true FR but was unremarkable and then his career ended with a turf toe injury. Well he is back as a walkon with who knows what to expect.



9 Robert Johnson, RSSR, (6’2, 202), 10 starts, 2004 recruiting class
-5 star JUCO QB recruit, who just couldn’t pick up the scheme at QB
-RS to learn the WR position and was the Big 12 Newcomer of the year
-Last spring, it became apparent he could make some plays for us if he got the ball in space and boy did he.

GP Recp Yards Avg TD Long Ave/G
2005 12 65 951 14.6 4 67 79.3

86 L.A. Reed
, RSSO, (6’2, 190), 2 starts, 2004 recruiting class
-He was a “project” recruit Leach just couldn’t pass on and aren’t we glad he didn’t? He made the most of his opportunity until the Cotton Bowl. He could push for starting time again.

GP Recp Yards Avg TD Long Ave/G
2005 10 11 136 12.3 0 25 13.6

Grant Walker
-No idea what to expect.



8 Joel Filani, RSSR,(6’3, 222), 13, 2002 recruiting class
-Dominated Arizona 5A his SR year and I still don’t know why we were the only D1 school to offer him. How do you pass up on a dominating player who has the size and speed to play in D1? Arizona and Arizona State have to be kicking themselves on this one. It took him 3 years but he finally is the big play making WR for us he looked like he was going to be coming out of HS.

GP Recp Yards Avg TD Long Ave/G
2005 12 56 1007 18.0 8 62 83.9
2004 12 18 310 17.2 2 60 25.8
2003 13 1 9 9 0 34 .7

2 Catron Houston
, SO, (5’11, 183), 2005 recruiting class
-Leach played him unexpectedly last season and at the time it looked like a bad decision, but now with Brandon Douglas leaving, we at least have a backup who has seen the D1 speed. LA Reed or Chris Cunnigan could move over here too.


Thomas Bachman is probably the only WO with a chance to play this year and no newbie is going to see the field.

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