Wednesday Practice Photo Gallery #1

Pictures from Wednesday's practice, the Red Raiders 5th of the Spring practice period.

Brent Slaughter and Anthony Hines go after it

Anthony Hines wins the battle by taking Slaughter to the ground

Shawn Byrnes and Josh Aleman

Byrnes and Aleman fall down at the same time like Rocky and Apollo

Offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh works with David Spriggs

Darcel McBath leaps for the ball

The scrimmages kick off

Keith Toogood nails a field goal

The offense at work

Shannon Woods cuts back against Lance Fuller

Defensive Coorinator Lyle Setencich

Shannon Woods, Todd Walker, and Chris Todd head to the bus

Danny Amendola keeps his eye on the ball

Jarrett Hicks turns up field after making the catch

The offensive line opened up a big hole for Shannon Woods

Coach Leach takes a break

Thomas Bachman is back in a Red Raider uniform

Danny Amendola works on his footwork

Chris Todd throws the fade route in 1 on 1 drills

Eric Morris makes the catch

Who will be the starting QB?

Jarrett Hicks fully extends after beating James Conwright

Sophomore WR Catron Houston

Bennie Wylie helps toughen up the players with boxing gloves

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