Friday Practice Photo Gallery #1

Pictures from Friday's practice, the Red Raiders 6th of the Spring practice period.

Danny Amendola and former high school teammate
Daniel Charbonnet are called out for the "Bull in the Ring"

It started out pretty even...

Then it looked like Charbonnet was going to push him down

But in the end Amendola triumphs

Glenn January goes against Keyunta Dawson

Kelly Hildebrandt takes down Loy White

DB coach Brian Mitchell

Gabe Hall is a big man

Glenn January mans the outside

Pete Richardson comes around the end

Keyunta Dawson is looking good at LB so far

Joel Filani

First Team All Big 12 receivers Robert Johnson and Joel Filani

RB Pete Richardson makes a tremendous cut back

Shannon Woods is looking like a worthy replacement for Taurean

Chris Cunigan takes it down the sideline

Grant Walker prepares to make the catch

Manny Ramirez looks for someone to block on the screen

Eric Morris is already sporting some Under Armour shorts

Grant Walker makes a great catch

Jarrett Hicks shields off Scooter for the ball

Anthony Hines is a physically imposing safety

Chris Cunigan takes the quick pass

"Eric Morris, don't leave without your pads."


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