Saturday Practice Photo Gallery

Pictures from Saturday's practice, the Red Raiders 7th of the Spring practice period.

Todd Walker and James Conwright participate in the "bull in the ring"

Joel Filani and Glenn January are having a good time

Coach Leach talks with Filani

McKinner Dixon was at practice again for the 2nd straight day

QB Ryan Krone throws to Edward Britton

Paul Williams is having an impressive spring

Anthony Hines follows a receiver in motion

Danny Amendola cuts back as Keyunta Dawson pursues

The D-Line gets lined up

McKinner Dixon and  Brandon Carter get into it

McKinner ends up taking Carter to the ground

McKinner with his helmet in his hand

Afterwards, McKinner had a bloody lip

Michael Bettenhausen and Cody Baker also got into a fight

Cody Baker ends up taking
Bettenhausen to the ground

More people get involved in the mix

Dek Bake gets caught in the middle of everything trying to break it up

Coach Leach takes down some notes

Jarrett Hicks checking out notes taken by Leach's assistant

Dwayne Slay was on hand to witness the scrimmage

Robert Johnson extends for the catch

Joel Filani makes a great catch

WR coach Sonny Dykes has one of the best receiving corps in the country

Catron Houston gets tackled by 3 defenders

Graham Harrell looks over to Leach to get the next play

Antonio Huffman pushes Filani out of bounds

Antonio Huffman in man coverage

Joel Filani throws a stiff arm on Daniel Charbonnet

Danny Amendola secures the ball

LaShawn Vation has been moved to DB

Pete Richardson keeps his balance to pick up some extra yards

Jarrett Hicks slashes through the middle

Pate Richardson cuts back against the D

Lance Fuller is trying to hold off McBath for the starting safety spot

Chris Todd scrambles out of the pocket

Robert Johnson prepares to stiff arm Paul Williams

Joel Filani bulls over a few defenders

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