Q&A with walk-on QB Ryan Krone

Many high school quarterbacks around the country dream of walking on to a division 1 football program. Ryan Krone, from Cypress Creek High School in Houston, TX, is getting that chance by walking on as a QB for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. RaiderPower.com talked with Ryan about what this opportunity means to him.

1.  How do you feel you are doing up to this point?
So far after 4 days of spring practice I feel like I'm doing decent up to this point.  I feel like I haven't quite thrown as good as I know I can.  But I have only been practicing for 4 days, so I feel I will continue to improve.

2.  How do you think you can improve?
The major thing that I can do to help myself improve is to learn the plays.  It is difficult to try to learn when things are moving so fast.  Watching the other quarterbacks will help me improve because they have been doing all the plays for a long time, and know how to execute them well.

What are your goals for spring practice?
I would say I have a few goals for spring practice.  One of my goals is to show the coaches that I can play and prove I should be on the team.  I want to improve on all of my physical skills, as well as reading defenses and such.
4.  What are the biggest differences between the high school and college level?
The absolute biggest difference I have noticed so far is speed.  The speed of the game in college is unreal compared to high school.  Everything is moving faster around you.  The receivers are also so much faster.  I have found many times I have under thrown receivers because of how much faster they are than I am used too. 

5.  What's it like being a part of the Texas Tech Football Team?
Being part of the Texas Tech football team is something I've always wanted.  Ever since my brother started going to Tech and I started watching their football team.  I saw that passing attack they had, and thought how cool it would be to play there.  I'm very excited to be getting an opportunity to be a part of the Texas Tech football team.

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