Friday Practice Photo Gallery

Pictures from Friday's practice, the Red Raiders 10th of the Spring practice period.

Graham Harrell gets a knee brace strapped on

Coach Leach turns his hat backwards because of the strong winds

Grant Walker makes a catch over Nathan Stone

Coach Leach gets so frustrated with the offense that he takes a seat

Jarrett Hicks powers by the defender

Christ Todd runs the offense

Jarrett Hicks and Shannon Woods

Robert Johnson reaches back and makes the grab

Jarrett Hicks looks in the ball

Catron Houston heads up field

Ryan Aycock is helping out the team

Bennie Wylie works with Robert Johnson

Manny Ramirez is a big man

Kobey Lewis looked great in practice

Chris Parker helps newcomer Daniel Charbonnet

Chris Todd throws the fade route

Catron Houston gets off the line quickly

Joel Filani turns up field

DB coach Brian Mitchell

Khalid Naziruddin is working out to help prepare for the NFL

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