Whose #1 on Gerald Jones' list?

We reported a few weeks back that Oklahoma athlete Gerald Jones enjoyed his visit to Lubbock. Scout.com caught up with Gerald to see where he stands now that spring practice has completed.

Gerald Jones is one of the best pure athletes in the state of Oklahoma playing. Jones plays quarterback in high school and is being recruited at a number of different skill positions, but just where he plays on the D-1 level remains to be seen.

"It all depends on the where I go to school," said Jones. "If I go to Kansas or Kansas State, I can see myself playing quarterback. But if I go to Texas Tech I would probably play flanker. It really doesn't matter to me, because I will play wherever the team needs me the most. Whether it is quarterback, flanker or running back, it is wherever I can help the team on offense."

Gerald had 203 carries for 1,900 yards rushing and 24 touchdowns working out of Texas Tech style of offense last season. Jones also threw for 950 yards and 11 touchdown passes.

"I prefer offense because I have always played offense," said Jones. "In high school, I have always been an offensive player and I have never really played defense. I would prefer to play offense in college. We work out of a versatile offense — we work out of shotgun and I also get under center. We spread it out quite a bit and go four and five wide receivers. I have just concentrated on offense my whole high school career."

What kind of running game is Jones excelling in?

"I am getting a lot of plays called for me. I run on boot legs, draws and just end runs. I also get a little scrambling, but mostly they are called plays for me."

Jones went to the Tulsa camp last year and he has been to the OU camp three different times. Jones can bench 225 pounds 10 times and he can squat 500 pounds. Jones has been a starter in hoops since his freshman year, and last year averaged 24 points per game. Is basketball also in his future?

"That also depends on where I go," said Jones. "OSU has talked to me about playing football and basketball, but they are really the only one. To be honest, I would rather just concentrate on football so that I can really perfect my game. The only way I can do that is to just play one sport."

Jones has been offered by OU, OSU, Tulsa, Texas Tech, Kansas, Kansas State, Florida, Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Hawaii.

"I haven't taken many visits, but from the visits that I did take I like Texas Tech so far," said Jones. "I like the atmosphere at Texas Tech. When I was there they were very friendly and I could tell they were a big family. That is what I was looking for and right now. I really like Texas Tech."

"I also like Oklahoma. I didn't take an unofficial visit there," Jones continued. "I like Oklahoma because they are winning and they have a great team. I was surprised when I visited Oklahoma because they were friendly and I didn't really expect that. I think they would be stuck on themselves, but that wasn't the case. Their coaches treat their players nice and their players are nice.

"As far as people go, I really like Oklahoma State. At Oklahoma State, everybody is real nice and they treated everybody very well. I just went to OU a couple of weeks ago and I learned a lot more about their program. OSU surprised me a lot with what they had going on. "

Jones admits his top five changes all the time, but what is his top five as of today?

"I would have to go with Texas Tech, Florida, Michigan, Notre Dame and OSU," said Jones. "I would rather go out of state because I need to become a man and I can do that on my own. If it turns out that either OSU, OU or Tulsa have more of what I am looking for, then I will stay in state. Oklahoma is recruiting me to play wide receiver or flanker like Mark Clayton played, and OSU is recruiting me to play running back."

Jones has qualified.

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