Jarrett Lee Clears the Air

It's bound to happen. A high profile recruit will at some point have to come in and set the record straight. Too bad it happened so early for Jarrett Lee. The rumor had Lee either pulling the trigger or eluding to people that he knows about ending up at a Texas school. Is it true?

Jarrett Lee said that he hadn't been busy talking about some rumor that he was going to go to TCU. He actually laughed a little bit, but he did acknowledge that Brenham (Texas) Shawn Sullivan will be a Frog.

"Oh no," Lee said. "No, no that's not true. Yes Shawn committed and I am definitely interested in them, but I am definitely not close to committing to them."

Lee said that it wasn't anything against TCU, but it was just that he wasn't far enough along in the process to make a decision. He knows that he will make an early commit, but not this early.

Lee was at the Nike combine at Texas A&M this weekend. He didn't test, but the early word was that he really turned some heads. So much so that Lee might have taken some attention that was supposed to go Ryan Mallett's way.

"Yes sir, I was there at College Station all day. I feel like I did pretty good. I didn't test in the 40 and stuff like that. I went and threw, worked out and did the Elite 11 afterwards."

There is the Nike camp and then one more trip in the immediate future for Lee. "I am going to Texas Tech in a couple of weekends. But other than that I don't have anything coming up in the near future.

While the phone wasn't ringing incessantly off the hook trying to prove or disprove any rumors; Lee did mention that he was on the phone earlier with a Nebraska coach.

"I talked to Coach Callahan from Nebraska a bit earlier. The Nebraska coaches ask me about how my family is doing, how life is, how school is and how you are doing in sports. They don't just always want to talk about recruiting. They want to know what is going on in your life as well."

People sometimes wonder what could a recruit and a coach talk about all the time? Lee admits that the conversations have evolved, especially with Nebraska, and the phone calls are now not about how bad they need him in Lincoln, but about how things are going with him.

"Our conversations have really moved more to that. Earlier in the recruiting process it was about how the process worked, how they saw me in their scheme and we kind of got all of that talk out of the way. It's now about family, camps and that kind of stuff."

Nebraska will get to see Lee one more time before he more than likely has a couple of months to ponder his decision. He will get a chance to head back to Lincoln to work closely with Coach Jay Norvell at the quarterback academy. "I will be heading back to Lincoln in June I believe for the Elite Quarterback Academy."

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