A Look Back: 2002 Red Raider recruiting class

The 2002 class brought in tremendous players such as Jarrett Hicks, Joel Filani, Manny Ramirez, and Vincent Meeks. RaiderPower.com takes a look back at the 2002 class and reviews how they have contributed to the overall success of the program.

2002 Class

Scout.com rated the 2002 class the 14th best in the nation.   Although it certainly has been a great class for us, it always wasn't in the areas in which one would expect.

-Johnnie Mack was our only 5 star recruit.  He was a backup for 2 seasons behind Taurean Henderson, and played his role very effectively.  Once the opposing defense started to get used to the strong and elusive running style of Henderson, Coach Leach would throw in the quick and shifty Mack to change things up.

-Filani & Fletcher were the only 4 star recruits to start & they will both leave Tech as 3 and 2 year starters, respectively. Majondo Mwamba & Raymond Pierce, also 4 star recruits, did contribute in various roles in their tenure here at Tech.  Mwamba provided solid depth for the team.  I will forever laugh at Hudler talking about Mwamba & the Colorado center trash talking each other in French. Pierce was a warm body who did contribute, but not to the extent that most expected.

Where we did get contribution, was from the 3 stars. Of the 16 3 star recruits, 8 started a total of 190 games. (Hudler, January, Nischmann, Ramirez, Hicks, Scott, Meeks, Hall) Meeks was the only one who played in 2002, so starting in 2003 we were:
2003: 8-5, 4-4, beat Navy in Houston Bowl
2004: 8-4, 5-3, beat #4 Cal in Holiday Bowl
2005: 9-3, 6-2, lost to Bama in the Cotton Bowl

A very strong case can be made that as our 2002 3 star recruits progress, so does the entire team.

2001 Class

The 2001 class was mainly JUCOs who were gone after 2002:
2003: 13 left, 6 in the 2 deep; 3 starters.
2004: only 10 left, 5 in the 2 deep; 3 starters.
2005: only 8 left in 2005, 7 in the 2 deep; 4 starters, 2 part-time starters, 1 2nd String.

2003 Class

The 2003 class fell apart quickly. Rated 37th overall by Scout.com.
2003: 9 played, 6 in the 2 deep, 3 started, 1 of which was the punter.
2004: 6 in the 2 deep, 4 starters, 1 of which was the punter.
2005: 6 in the 2 deep, 4 starters, 1 of which was the punter & another out for the season w/ an injury early in the season.

2004 Class

The 2004 Class was rated 17th by Scout.com.
2004: 6 played, 5 in the 2 deep, 1 part-time starter, the rest were 2nd string.
2005: 9 in the 2 deep, 2 starters, 2 more part-time starters.

2005 Class

2005 Class rated 36th
Only 4 played, 3 were in the 2 deep, 1 started 1 game, another may have started if not for an injury.

If the 2002 class steps up a little more and we get more from the 2004 & 2005 classes than we got from the 2003 class, we could end up being the Big 12 South champs, depending on how everything else shakes out.

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