4 star athlete Gerald Jones talks Tech

When the Red Raiders sent out their first batch of offers last summer for the 2007 class, one player that the coaching staff really wanted was Gerald Jones out of Millwood High School. This versatile athlete is being recruited mainly as a WR or QB, but as usual, Coach Leach has something special in mind to display his athleticism.

Texas Tech was the first school to offer Gerald Jones, the 6'1 190 pound standout, but a lot of competition has since entered the market. Gerald is now up to 17 offers, from schools such as Notre Dame, Florida, Virginia Tech, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. He doesn't have a top 5 quite yet, but when asked which schools he was looking at the most, the first words to come out of his mouth were "Texas Tech."

The Red Raiders have been high on Jones' list for a long time, and they are still sitting very high.

"(Texas) Tech is a great school. They have really good coaches and the people are great. I also want to major in physical therapy, and Tech has a good program there."

One huge factor working in the Red Raiders favor is the commitment of WR Tramain Swindall, one of Gerald's teammates and really good friends.

"Tramain already committing to Tech will play a big role in my decision," said Gerald. "I do want to explore my options though, and make sure I make the best decision for myself. It would be nice to know someone, but I'm not going to let him make my decision for me. Tramain's decision does make Tech more appealing though."

Gerald has already taken unofficial visits to Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State, so what other schools does he plan on seeing this summer?

"I will be visiting Arkansas this weekend and then K-State in a few weeks. I will also try and check out Kansas, Tennessee, and Florida sometime this summer as well."

Gerald could play many different positions in college, with most schools recruiting him to play wide receiver or quarterback. Coach Leach has a different idea for where he would like him to play. "Tech has talked to me about coming in and playing running back. I have been playing quarterback since I was 11, so that's what feels natural, but I'm wide open on which position I play in college."

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