Secondary Breakdown

The Texas Tech coaching staff has 5 new members of the secondary to work with this summer, after pulling in some tremendous talent out of the class of 2006. The question now is, how will these 5 true freshmen adapt to Big 12 football and who will see playing time early? We analyze these questions and more in our Secondary Breakdown.

True FR playing in the secondary in 2006

Lyle said on signing day 3 or 4 will get a shot at playing in 2006. Here are the ones we know will be on campus when practice starts in August:

CB/S Jamar Wall (5’10 185) 2006 - Lyle raved about him and it is almost a given that Wall will play this season.

CB Leonard Hewitt (5’10 180) 2006 – Lyle said Hewitt is aggressive, gets his hands on the ball, and has ball hawking skills.   He is projected to play CB.

S Franklin Mitchem (6’2.5 210) 2006 – Lyle said he only saw him on film but said Mitchem reminded him of Dwayne Slay, a big S who will come down and whack the oposition.  Lyle also added Mitchem tackles well.

S Steven Harris (5’10 175) 2006 – Didn’t mention specifically so we will have to wait and see.

CB LaRon Moore (5’9 181) 2006 – Didn’t mention specifically so we will have to wait and see.


Left Cornerback

Antonio Huffman SR (6’0 180) 23 starts 2003

Daniel Charbonnet SO (5’11 195) 2  starts at Duke TR

Clifton Eddington SR (6’0 192)  WO

Brent Nickerson SO (6’0 172)  2005

We know what we are going to get from Huffman. He will be a solid cornerback and has a lot of experience under his belt.  Behind Huffman, Charbonnet is the only experienced player, and we are yet to see how he beforms in Big 12 play.  Judging from spring practice, he looks to be one of the better cornerbacks we have.

If Wall plays LCB, he would be 3rd string the day practice starts in August, maybe 2nd string by the time season starts.

Hewitt would be 3rd string too and his playing time in 2006 at LCB would mainly depend on how well Charbonnet plays.


Right Cornerback

Chris Parker JR (5’11 175) 

Marcus Bunton SO (5’8 191) 

James Conwright JR (5’10 183) 

Phill Ervin JR (5’11 181) 

We saw Parker emerge last season. He only had the one pick and I felt getting picks would be his strength, but he played well. He proved to be a solid cover corner and always tackled well. He tacked Adrian Peterson one on one in the open field I think twice. He is the guy McBath was supposed to challenge last season before McBath broke the wrist/arm. Also, at the end of last season, McBath was supposed to challenge Parker again for a starting spot, before the coaches moved McBath to S. We should all feel comfortable with Parker starting.

Marcus Bunton played well last season and surprised a lot of us. I don’t know if he is starter material yet, but he certainly is capable of spot relief.

If Wall plays RCB, he would be 3rd string the day practice starts in August, maybe 2nd string by the time season starts.

Before the season is over, dont be suprised if Leonard Hewitt has moved up to 2nd string behind Parker.


Strong Safety

Joe Garcia JR (6’2 206) (2 starts)

Anthony Hines SO (6’1 236) 

LaShawn Vation FR (5’9 173) 

Jordy Rowland SO (6’3 190) 

This is the biggest question in the secondary. Both Garcia and Hines are both trying to make the progression from being hitters in HS to developing into complete players at the college level.  Both players have tons of potential and are ready physically for the rigors of a Big 12 season.  Vation is the unknown here. I thing eventually, his size will restrict him to nickel back, but I still believe he will be a contributor this coming season.

If Wall plays S, this is his best shot at starting, at least on paper. Either Garcia or Hines would be the backup and the other would replace Fuller as the top backup behind McBath at free safety.

This is probably where Mitchem gets a shot at starting. The question here is how will he pick up on the all important reads in Lyle’s scheme.  Lyle weighs knowledge of the system very heavily when choosing who gets playing time, so if Mitchem can pick up the scheme rather quickly, he could see some playing time as a true freshman.


Free Safety

Darcel McBath SO (6’1 193)

Lance Fuller SO (6’0 218) 

Hunter Coleman JR (5’10 191) 

Kennedy Offoegbu SO (6’3 195) 

Loy White JR (5’8 192) 

We are all excited about finally seeing McBath on the field, but someone needs to stepup and be a quality backup.  As of now, Lance Fuller is looking to be that player. 

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