2003 Update: Raymond Serres

<b>Humble offensive tackle</b> talks about his <b>Texas Tech</b> verbal commitment in an exclusive <b>RaiderPower.com</b> interview.

*********OT RAYMOND SERRES (6-5, 255, 4.9) ***********

TS: What separated Texas Tech from the rest of the schools that you were looking at?

RS: "It was mostly their passing game and the fact that I really like Lubbock."

TS: What other schools did you consider?

RS: "Texas and Texas A&M."

TS: What are your stats in the weight room?

RS: "I bench around 325, powerclean 280 and squat 415."

TS: What are you doing this off-season to improve your skills?

RS: "I'm working out everyday and running a lot."

TS: If you were to evaluate yourself, what are your greatest strengths?

RS: "I'm really aggressive. Since I'm usually smaller than my opponent I try to be meaner and nastier. And also my technique is a major strength."

TS: Have you always been a Texas Tech fan?

RS: "Yeah, since the 8th grade I've liked them a lot. Even when I was little I always liked the red and black."

TS: What's your overall impression of Texas Tech's football program?

RS: "I think they are heading in the right direction. Coach Leach has really turned around the program like he did up in Oklahoma. And hopefully we will attain a national championship at Tech like OU did."

TS: What are you going to major in at Texas Tech?

RS: "I don't know, I'm still undecided."

TS: Is there any particular reason why you committed so early?

RS: "I've always wanted to attend Tech, so when they offered, I didn't see any point in messing around."

TS: What areas of your game need the most improvement to become a successful Big 12 player?

RS: "I need to gain weight and get stronger."

TS: How good will Humble be next year?

RS: "We're looking really good. We've got 17 returning lettermen, so we'll take our best shot at state and see what happens."

TS: Thanks for your time today and good luck.

RS: "Thanks, for the interview."

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