Monday's Summer Workout Report

As the 2006 football season nears, the Red Raiders have begun voluntary summer workouts to help prepare for a Big 12 championship run. With the nations best receiving corps and multiple blue-chips quarterbacks for Mike Leach to choose from, the Air Raid offense will once again shred opposing defenses. brings you exclusive video and pictures from today's summer workout.

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The Red Raiders have begun voluntary summer workouts.

This happens without coaches, and is completely voluntary for players to show up. It is a great testament to our program that nearly everyone was out there, including some of the recruits from our newest class. Also on hand were Tech football greats Kliff Kingsbury and Wes Welker, along with several other former players.

It was fun watching how the players interact without anything official going on. Everyone was kidding each other all practice, and smiles were plentiful as everyone was having a good time. I think I might have become the unofficial referee/replay official this afternoon when Joel Filani made an impressive catch close to the sideline. I ruled it out of bounds, but it was a controversial call because there are no markings on the field to rule by.

The first thing that I noticed was that Baron Batch and Michael Crabtree do not look like Freshman usually do. Both are extremely well-built and played very well. Additionally, I'll be surprised if Taylor Potts ever gets a pass batted at the line of scrimmage with his height. Potts' throws weren't up to the level of Todd/Harrell yet, but this was only one day, and they both have quite a bit of experience on him. Graham Harrell appears to have put on even more size since the Spring, and looked excellent. Chris Todd was throwing some nice passes today as well, and is very well-liked by the team. Due to the heat, most of the players are either shirtless, wearing sleeveless shirts, or sporting some fancy new UnderArmour gear.

Anyway, I was unable to make the entire practice today due to work-related issues, so I cannot provide a very comprehensive report. Also, I need to start getting to know new faces, as there are no numbers. If only everyone made it as easy as Crabtree and tattooed their name on their back. Regardless, I will have a more thorough report for you guys following tomorrow's practice.

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