Tuesday's Summer Workout Report

It was a hot summer day, but you wouldn't have known it by the way the players were running all over the field. The Red Raiders were out on the practice field again on Tuesday to go through another voluntary summer workout.

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Today was another day filled with joking around, along with serious football. Again, many former Red Raiders were in attendance, including Kingsbury, Hodges, Welker, Mike Smith, Kevin Curtis, and Carlos Francis. It was fun to see Kingsbury get to throw to Hicks and Hodges throw to Welker, something neither of them got to do on the field.

Graham Harrell started off the day a little inaccurate, but finished off the day in impressive fashion. Harrell also showed leadership in calling the shots for practice, which was nice to see. Chris Todd had yet another solid practice, and is showing good consistency. Ryan Rowland saw quite a few snaps today as well, and made the most of them.

Joel Filani was just unstoppable today. Nobody could cover him, and he didn't drop a thing. It was too easy. L.A. Reed had a similarly outstanding afternoon. Reed exemplifies how to transform your body in the weight room, as he is truly a physical specimen these days. Hicks and Amendola also had a strong outing. Robert Johnson showed up as well, and looks to have gotten in better shape since the Spring.

Pete Richardson and Kobey Lewis both had strong afternoons, with Kobey looking like he really deserves some playing time. Also, I'm continually impressed with Baron Batch's size and maturity for a Freshman. Batch appears to be as advertised, and that's a great thing.

The O-line is looking good as well, as they are focusing on technique. Ofa Mohetau is working out at LG, as many predicted. It remains to be seen what this will mean for Glenn January. Regardless, the unit is working hard, and it will pay off next season when they surprise some people.

The linebackers also showed some things today. Kellen Tillman ripped Pete Richardson's shirt in half going after him, and newcomers Blake Collier and Dwayne Baziel had a great outing. The offense gave Collier a bad time for not being able to catch L.A. Reed, and teased him about this since he has 4.4 speed. Baziel had a good INT, and managed to juke Crabtree on the return, which got the defense fired up.

Jamar Wall was the story of the secondary today, playing extremely tight coverage and getting several pass deflections. His jumping ability and timing is also very exciting. Anthony Hines had a solid day as well, but the rest of the secondary was pretty quiet.

Tune in tomorrow for another report.

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