2003 Spotlight: Terrance Parks

<b>Lufkin quarterback</b> talks about his commitment status in an exclusive <b>RaiderPower.com</b> interview.

*********QB TERRANCE PARKS (6-4, 210, 4.6) ***********

TS: What's your commitment status right now?

TP: "I haven't committed yet and I'm still weighing my options."

TS: Do you have a top five?

TP: "Yes. Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, LSU and Texas."

TS: Are they ranked in that order?

TP: "Yes."

TS: What position do you see yourself playing in college?

TP: "Quarterback."

TS: What are your major strengths on the football field?

TP: "My ability to see the play before it happens, athleticism and leading my team."

TS: What are you doing to improve your skills for next season?

TP: "Lifting weights, running, timed agility drills, improving my mechanics and accuracy drills."

TS: What are your weight room stats?

TP: "My bench press is 235 and my squat is 375."

TS: Have you taken the SAT/ACT?

TP: "No sir."

TS: What interests you in Texas Tech

TP: "Their passing game."

TS: Do you think you could be an immediate impact player for Texas Tech?

TP: "Absolutely."

TS: Have you visited Texas Tech yet?

TP: "Not yet, but I'd like to."

TS: What do you know about Texas Tech?

TP: "They're a good team that's really stepping it up in the Big 12. I think they've got a lot of potential there."

TS: When do you plan to make your verbal commitment?

TP: "Probably after our season."

TS: What factors will weigh most heavily on that decision?

TP: "I'm really not sure. I just want to go to the best school for me. One where I can play immediately, get a good education and enjoy my four years."

TS: Terrance, we appreciate your time and good luck next season.

TP: "Thank-you."

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